The first vaccine against the Coronavirus is being tested

Scientists have been working around the clock to develop against the novel Coronavirus, which was just a few months ago completely unknown, a vaccine. On Monday, for the first time healthy Volunteers were vaccinated in record time developed vaccine.

45 Volunteers aged 18 to 55 years of age get in the distance of a month, twice to the vaccine administered. This is the beginning of a series of studies in humans, in which it must be proven whether the vaccine is safe and works. If the research goes well, it could be the vaccine in 12 to 18 months for wide application available.

No risk of infection für participants in the study

The vaccine contains no virus, so that for the participants in the study is no risk of infection. Instead, it is the genetic material, the instructions for a surface Protein of the Virus contains administered. The body then produces the harmless virus protein that is recognized by the immune system as foreign, and antibodies are formed against it. When it comes to later infection, the immune system has a decisive advantage, and can eliminate the real virus quickly.

Further clinical trials will follow

In this way, a vaccine can be much faster to produce than traditional methods, which are viruses cultured in the laboratory and then weakened to be killed, to be used as a vaccine. Regardless of the method of manufacture must be shown for each new vaccine that stimulates the immune system to the desired response, and free of serious side-effects, before he comes to the application.

Worldwide, dozens of research groups with different strategies work on a vaccine against COVID-19. Further clinical studies will begin in the next few months.


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