The doctor warned of a Coronavirus and was Silenced. Now he died of the Virus

“Hello everyone, here is Li Ruifeng, an eye doctor in Wuhan Central Hospital,” wrote the Chinese doctor on his Weibo Account. The Post begins harmless, but it contains descriptions, prick up the ears. Accordingly, Li sent the end of December, a message in a group chat to Doctors-colleagues, in which he spoke before an outbreak of a Virus and a disease in Wuhan, which look like Sars. There had been seven cases. Also, the British BBC and the American broadcaster CNN reported. Today it is clear: It was the novel Coronavirus that is currently leading in China and around the world for cases of illness and many deaths result.

The Post of the doctor is Dr. Li Ruifeng in the case of Weibo, in which he tells of his Chat and the summons to the police

The 34-year-old Li warned his colleagues that they wear protective clothing and their families should warn – but only in private, as CNN reported. But then, Screenshots of his message went viral. “When I saw that you were online in circulation, it became clear to me that this was outside of my control and I would probably be punished,” said Li of the U.S. stations.

Mourning for Dr. Li Ruifeng. He died of the consequences of the Coronavirus

Police in front of loads Li, because of his Chats

He was right. On 3. January, four days after his chat message, ordered him to sign the office of public safety, where he was prompted for a document, as reported by the BBC. In the Letter, he was accused, accordingly, of “false Statements” made, which would have disrupted the “social order difficult”.

The BBC quoted from the letter: “We seriously warn you: If you stay with such insolence persistent and this illegal activity to continue, they have to be put before the court – is that clear?” Including a hand in writing: “Yes, I do.” On the hand written statements of the fingerprints in red paint. This document has photographed Li and Weibo uploaded. Shortly thereafter, he was allowed to leave the police station, CNN.

The police investigated for “spreading rumors” against eight people, so the two channels.


Pangolin possible Carrier of a novel Coronavirus

Authorities apologize to Li

On the same day, at the Li his message had sent, had informed the health Commission of the city of Wuhan, in a communication to medical institutions of the city, that a number of patients who had visited the fish market in the city, would suffer from an “unknown pneumonia”, more according to CNN. The note had been provided with a warning: “organizations or individuals are not allowed to make treatment information without the approval of the Public.”

Li was summoned a short time after this message from officials in his hospital, to explain how he came to know of the cases, the state-run newspaper “Beijing Youth Daily”, who had interviewed Li. The article spread quickly, but was censored, according to CNN. The uproar was stayed.

In the meantime, had apologised to the authorities, the BBC, according to the doctor. As CNN reported, the Supreme court of China on may 28. January, the police in Wuhan for the punishment of “rumors widen” criticized. “It would have been better for the containment of the new Coronavirus, when the Public heard at the time, on this ‘rumor’, and measures such as the Wearing of masks, strict disinfection and the prevention of the visit of the wild animal would have taken in the market”, – commented on the Supreme court case. The police in Wuhan rowed back then and spoke of a “minor” Offense, because “unverified information” had been disseminated, it was said on Weibo. Up to a subpoena and that there had been no criminal fines or imprisonment.

Li connected with Coronavirus and receive encouragement

BBC and CNN reports that Li was able to resume his work again. 10. January, he had treated a patient. What he did not know: she had been infected with the Coronavirus. He got cough and fever and was deliver two days later in a hospital and to the ICU has been brought. On 1. February, he was tested positive for the Coronavirus. On Weibo, the doctor wrote: “Today, the nucleic acid test result is positive, the dust settles and the diagnosis was definitively confirmed.” Several Tests previously had shown a negative result, so Li on Weibo.

His parents were in the hospital, he said. He said in the Weibo Post that his license had not been revoked as a doctor. He wants to continue to contribute actively to the treatment.

But the fight against the Virus, he has lost, including “People’s Daily”, the largest newspaper of China, and the state-owned broadcaster reported CGTN. Accordingly, he had died in the night to Friday (Chinese time). This is also the Central hospital of the metropolis of Wuhan said on Friday, in the online service Weibo.

The Chinese government has started after the death of Li Wenliangs an investigation. With the approval of the Central Committee of the party, the state Supervisory Commission sent an investigation team to the Wuhan as the authority announced on Friday. In the investigation it came to questions of the people this Happened to, it said.

On Weibo, the eye doctor has received a lot of support. A Userin wrote: “Dr. Li, you are a good doctor with a Conscience. I wish you peace.” More Users write: “The people across the country are in solidarity with you” and “These dogs are a sorry guilty”. Lis Posts have been commented on hundreds of thousands of likes and tens of thousands of times. His death sparked across the country great concern. His fate symbolized for many the consequences of the cover-up and the slow reaction of the authorities.

Spread of the disease

The fight against Corona – why China appears to us to be suddenly weak and vulnerable

China’s government admits errors

In spite of the wide-area quarantine measures in China, the number of deaths is increased by the novel Coronavirus is again clear. The official total number of deaths in mainland China increased to a minimum of 636. Add to that Deceased person in the Chinese special administrative zone Hong Kong. The number of contagions to put up Friday again to 3143. So 31.161 virus confirmed cases, the health Commission in Beijing.

In an unusual step, China had granted to management in the face of increasingly higher Contagion “error” in dealing with the epidemic. The Standing Committee of the Politburo of the ruling Communist party said on Monday according to state news Agency Xinhua, the response to the epidemic have “errors and difficulties” at the national emergency management open.

Editors ‘ note: at The time of the first publication of the article Dr. Li Ruifeng was ill still. He died in the night to Friday (Chinese time) on the consequences of the Coronavirus. The article has been adjusted accordingly.

Sources: Weibo Li Ruifeng, Weibo, CNN, BBC, CGTN, with the Material of the news agencies DPA, AFP

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