The doctor postponed his retirement to help in the Corona-crisis – now he died of Covid-19

They called him “our Jay-Z”. With 62 years of the popular New York doctor James Mahoney wanted to actually go in pension. But then, the Coronavirus came from. Mahoney decided to move his pension. Now he died on the Covid-19.

Since the beginning of his career, Mahoney has worked almost 40 years at the University hospital in Brooklyn, and later in the Kings County Hospital Center. As an intensive care specialist in New York saved Mahoney, according to the “New York Post”, among other things, patient of the 9/11 terrorist attack and Hurricane Sandy life. His family, he said, the Coronavirus he could not sit by and wait for now. So he worked more. Every day and every night, he provided for hours Covid-19-patients.

In mid-April Mahoney got a fever and decided to from home work. About video calls to his colleagues in the hospital and advised them. His health condition deteriorated. Finally, he had to be in the hospital in Brooklyn admitted to the hospital, in which he all his life had worked. Family members were not allowed to visit him until his death, but his 89-year-old father told the newspaper: “He was with his hospital family.”

Five of his colleagues remained at his side until he died

As Mahoney went even worse, he was laid in the table Hospital in Manhattan. Five of his fellow Doctors from the hospital in Brooklyn accompanied him. They were at his side when he died.


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His death not only his family and friends, but also many African-American Doctors to grieve now. For you Mahoney was a role model. “As an African-American Student was meeting James to, how to meet a celebrity,” said Olu Akindutire, has worked for four years with Mahoney. “Unlike other Doctors, he was modest and has brought you respect. He gave you the feeling that your opinion counts. He was a real super-hero for young colored Physicians.”

What James Mahoney promote a life of fact – a young, African – American Doctors to want to run in his memory to continue. On the fundraising platform GoFundMe is collected in the name of James Mahoney donations for scholarships for young African-Americans who want to study at the SUNY Downstate Medical School. It is the medical school, which has trained James Mahoney to the doctor.

Sources: GoFundMe, “New York Post”

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