Stretching exercises protect against heart disease

Stretching exercises for the legs could have a preventive effect against heart disease, stroke and Diabetes, as biomedical scientist from Milan reports. Through the Exercises rigid blood relaxed the vessels, thereby increasing blood flow improved.

A passive stretching of the legs, which was carried out twelve weeks, five times per week, decreased the stiffness of blood vessels in the lower leg and upper arm and increased their flexibility, so that the blood vessels better able to expand. This also had a positive impact on blood pressure, as the researchers in the journal "Journal of Physiology" reports. A greater elasticity of the blood. vessels and lower blood pressure have a preventive effect against heart disease, stroke and Diabetes &ndash… so, disorders in which a disturbed vascular function is involved.

Regelmäßiges Training is important

For the study, 39 patients were divided into two groups, one of which control group was used, and no stretching exercises made. No improvements to blood vessel function, or blood pressure were. But also in the group that received stretching exercises, the effect a few weeks after the end of the Exercises. In order to obtain the Benefit, therefore, is a regular Stretching is required.

Passive stretching exercises, which are carried out with the help of another Person or of gravity, be surgery according to the researchers, especially in the hospital, after surgery and for patients with low mobility, in order to influence vascular health. At home, these Exercises are carried out by carers or family members.