So the Germans have to fight against the winter Blues

In Winter, when the days are short, the temperatures cold, and the weather cloudy, the many people in the mood: you get the winter Blues. 59 percent of Germans are, at least, can sometimes be affected, as a recent survey by Statista in collaboration with YouGov shows.

However, women suffer more from the winter Gloom. The symptoms are different: 60 percent of the men under drive and to suffer a lack of energy. For women, there are even 70 percent. 58 percent of men have no desire to do something for women, there are even up to 65 per cent, as the graph shows.

Other symptoms include listlessness, to do something, there is an increased need for sleep, dejection and melancholy, and the need to spend more time at home to.

However, the respondents seem to have found ways to escape the murky mood. Only four percent of those who are affected by the winter Blues, to give, to make, in comparison to the Rest of the year, nothing different. The best recipe against seasonal gloom is according to our respondents, a sort of winter sleep. 58 percent make it to home, 42 percent watch series and movies, 41 percent sleep a lot. Although the gloomy mood especially to the lack of light can be traced back to only 30 percent during the day to go out, to soak up the light.

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