Six signs of an unhealthy lifestyle – these warning signs you should take seriously

With these 6 signals warning you of your body from unhealthy habits:

1. Unhealthy Sleep

A little more than seven hours of the average German sleeps every night. Good! Because rest periods are essential. The only way to regenerate the body. In our sleep we process experiences. We are to suffer or sleep disorders, concentration and performance. Restless Sleepers eye masks, earplugs, and a healthy sleep hygiene can help.

2. Drinking strength

You’re good in Training – but with Gin and Tonic instead of Weights? The deeper you look into the glass, the higher your alcohol climbs tolerance. So gorge to increase secretly the Drinks from time to Time, until the buzz comes. Alcohol harms the body immensely! Diseases of the liver, pancreas damage and heart and circulatory problems are just some of the consequences.

3. In Addition To Thing To Eat

Morning here, evening there. Our everyday life is often stressful. The result: Depending on the predisposition, we eat too much or we forget to eat. Is fed is always on the way or by the way on the Laptop. The eat device. However, baked goods and sausage do not provide us with the right nutrients. Remedy regular, home-cooked meals instead of fast food create-Drop Take-away.

4. Headache

Nerves and the brain are overstimulated, throbbing behind his forehead. Headache is a typical stress disease. Yoga or progressive muscle relaxation can help to relief at the mental duration of exposure. Also certain foods can be headache helpful.

5. Rotate in an endless loop

Your schedule is Packed and overflowing with appointments? You get your daily life only be mastered, because you Bunny as the pink Turbo from the battery advertising around jump? The body and Psyche have only a certain amount of resources. You’re going limit your load, and burn with you sometime. Me-Time and relaxation is important. Small time-outs bring new strength. See Point 1!

6. Tomorrow, tomorrow, just not today

The sports bag is Packed, the spirit is willing. Only the flesh is so weak? The Workout will be postponed until the day of a blue moon, it’s time to change something. Be healthy without Sport. The obstacle is seemingly insurmountable, with a brisk walk to start.

Annika Big Krüger