Shoulder sprain – symptoms, treatment and prevention

Strain in the shoulder

The shoulder is an extremely complicated joint, consisting of bones, muscles, and Tendons. Their Interaction is important so that the shoulder is so mobile. In everyday life, for example, the Grant of the harness over the head or only in the Wear of clothes, the shoulder is always part of the equation. In the case of a shoulder strain, which occurs often, and usually with severe pain is associated, can be carried out may be “normal” movements only to a limited extent.

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What is a strain?

A sprain is one of the most common sports injuries, which can occur anywhere in the body – in the calves, in the thighs, belly, back, and also in the shoulder. A sprain is not externally visible. Footballers, for example, can sing a song about it, because you draw often is a strain of the adductor muscles on the inner side of the thigh. In the case of the strain of a muscle, regardless of which muscle is affected, it is stretched excessively. The structure of the muscle remains the case, however, unlike a muscle tear, intact.

Causes of a shoulder sprain

As already mentioned, in the case of a sprain, in the shoulder muscle strain, the muscle is strongly stretched. Causes are usually found in the sports of: sports with overhead movements such as Swimming or Tennis, but also martial arts can be possible triggers. Similarly, a fall with an outstretched Arm can lead to shoulder strain. But also, incorrect movement patterns, which can overload the shoulder, can be responsible for that. An untrained Person can get from painting the Ceiling of his apartment a shoulder strain.


A shoulder sprain, which is usually a minor injury, is associated with sharp stabbing pain. The musculoskeletal system is usually severely limited, so that the people Concerned are taking a stance. It is an Edema (swelling) and in severe cases, a hematoma (bruise) joined by. From the outside, the affected spot is painful to pressure. The muscle responds with a massive cramp.


Since the shoulder is a complex joint, there may occur various injuries. In order to make the correct diagnosis, must be sought in case of pain in the shoulder, not necessarily a doctor, because outwardly, a shoulder sprain is not a muscle tear distinguish what is extremely important for the further treatment. The doctor and the Doctor, the pain describe asked Concerned after the triggering Moment and apply diagnostic procedures such as ultrasound and x-ray and refer you if necessary to an investigation in the MRI.


In the acute condition, i.e. immediately after the Occurrence of a shoulder strain, helps in immediate Cooling of the affected area. Either with a cold water moulded cloth, with a cloth wrapped cold Instant compress, or by using one Instant Eisbeutels (good for on-the-go, by squeezing the bag, this cools down immediately and maintain this for about 20 minutes).

A pleasant effect on the skin cooling sport albums. A further possibility is to mix a few drops of peppermint essential oil with cold water and immerse a cloth, which is wrapped in the connection to the shoulder. Peppermint oil cools and relieves the pain a little. A shoulder sprain implies, as any strain in the body, an inflammation, which must be cured. The saving of the shoulder, which can be supported by a shoulder strap, is very helpful. In the case of severe pain inflammation be prescribed anti-inflammatory painkillers.

In the first few days of Cooling, Stretching and very light appear to Move, otherwise, the shoulder is protected. Supports the healing process through physical therapy and physiotherapy. The Affected special Exercises are shown, which should be performed daily, where it is urgently advised not to overdo it with the movements. At this time, treated, depending on the condition, like with heat. Maybe a kinesio is applied to the tape, which has a relaxing, relieving and supporting function. This is to make sure that the Taping is done by a professional or a specialist. The shoulder strain was treated immediately after the Occurrence, it is, depending on the Severity of the strain, after two to three weeks to completely cured.

The complaints, however, are not manageable, it is imperative that a doctor visited. Recurrent shoulder strains must also be medically cleared, since there is a possibility that there may be a different disease, such as, for example, a chronic infection is present.


To protect yourself from a muscle strain in the shoulder, in the first place excessive demands to avoid. A not sufficiently heated muscles prone to sprains during sporting activities. Warming up the muscles as well as the correct sports clothing to help a shoulder strain counter. A well-trained muscle is not overstressed in the rule so quickly, nevertheless beware of Overloads is warranted. Naturopathy applies a preventative, the homeopathic remedy Arnica, which is to be taken before the workout.

The shoulder sprain in the natural healing practice

In addition to the therapy in the physiotherapy practice and the potential intake of painkillers, the Natural medicine can make its contribution. A baunscheidt therapy helps the body to be faster with the inflammation done. At the same time, the healing is supported through the use of acupuncture.

Anyone taking a like to the application of schüssler salts, the No. 8 Natrium chloratum D6 against the swelling, Nr. 3 Ferrum phosphoricum D12 against the inflammation, no 1 Calcium fluoratum D12 for the hardened muscle and the no 7 Magnesium phosphoricum D6 as &#8222 are;hot Sieben“ to recommend against the muscle spasms and for the pain. The healing process of a shoulder strain can be supported, in addition to the application of these four salts, by the external application of Schuessler salt in ointments, and to be accelerated.

Homeopathy applies Rhus toxicodendron, Ruta, Arnica and Magnesium phosphoricum. In the pharmacy, some complex means are in the Form of drops or Globules are available, which in the treatment of the strain will help. Externally applied promise of healing earth wraps, Quark compresses and cabbage leaves relief.

In any case, in the therapy of a sufficient amount of drink allowed to be forgotten, in the Form of still water or herbal tea. The hardened muscle desperately needs moisture from the inside. Furthermore, the inflammation may heal by a sufficient amount to drink faster.

Liniments with a good, high-quality St. John’s wort contribute to the healing and for pain relief. At best, the Oil of St. John’s wort is massaged twice daily into the affected area very gently. A Symphytum (comfrey) – containing ointment accelerates the healing process, especially if a bruise has formed. In these cases, it is often prescribed in addition Arnica orally and possibly even externally as a Gel.

Magnesium deficiency

Those who often suffer from sprains, and spasmodic pain of the muscles, the important mineral Magnesium may be missing. This can be fed via a food Supplement. Magnesium is in the range of Compounds available. You can purchase advise. To drink twice a day a “hot Seven”, can already act in a gentle manner against magnesium deficiency. For the “hot Seven” are poured over 10 tablets of Schuessler salt No. 7, Magnesium phosphoricum D6, with a quarter Liter of boiled water and stirred. As soon as the liquid is a little cooled, it is drunk in small SIPS. Who would not want to take Magnesium orally, this can also apply to be superficial in the Form of a Magnesiumöls on the skin. This is available at any pharmacy. The RUB affected areas, and the Magnesium in place. This is especially not recommended for people, which are able to tolerate the oral intake of magnesium.

Bitter chocolate and Magnesium are two foods that are rich in Magnesium. Furthermore, whole grain products, bananas, raspberries, broccoli and peas. It is demonstrated in the case of a Person, however a magnesium deficiency, so this is not through diet alone fix. For example, six bananas should be eaten a day, the body, approximately 300 to 400 mg of Magnesium. This is approximately the amount needed for an average adult of the day. Athletes, Pregnant and Breastfeeding women have an even greater need for Magnesium.

Final word

In the case of suspicion of a shoulder strain, a medical Check is important, because the symptoms do not need to make a distinction of the of a muscle fiber tear. In any case, the affected area should be cooled after the occurrence of the event immediately. Then it is save particularly important in the shoulder, as in the case of a further burden, in spite of the pain from a muscle strain slightly a muscle tear or even a more extensive injury can occur. (sw)