See What Venus In Scorpio Means For Your Sex Life This Month

Are you ready for some action? Because the universe wants to give you plenty this month.

Venus, the planet of love and money, moves into Scorpio on the second, creating a sensual vibe that can’t be missed. You’ll have sex on the brain—like, a lot. And oh, hey—when the new moon happens on the seventh, it also makes you crave some serious boots-knocking.

The full moon in Cancer on the 22nd gives off some homey energy, making you ready to just Netflix and chill. Go with it—you deserve the QT.

Here’s what else is in store for you this month, according to Donna Page, a professional astrologer with a graduate degree in counseling psychology.


Venus, the planet of love and money, is in your house of shared intimate resources, making you mull over your relationship, sex life, and getting even closer with your S.O. Take those musings, and put them to good use.

If you’re single, you might find yourself thinking about your ex and what went wrong—and finally letting go of the whole thing. Heads up: You might end up second-guessing your choices around the seventh with the new moon, so make sure you bring home someone you actually like that night.


Things are just going to flow for you in the relationship department this month, Taurus.

Mercury goes direct in your house of partnerships on the sixth, opening up communication around your relationship. The new moon on the seventh is happening in the sector of your chart around intimacy and deep passion, making you want to get it on with someone you really care about.

If you’re single, you won’t be for long. Mars, the planet of action, is in a sector of your chart around relationships, opening up new prospects for you. A friend might want to be something more—keep an open mind about that one.


Someone new and interesting at work might catch your eye, Gem, but proceed with caution, given that this is your job after all. The new moon on the seventh is in your house of other people, making your S.O. push you to get out and have a little more fun.

Around the 22nd, you’ll feel a struggle to balance other people’s desires with your own. Are you just going along with things to keep your bedmate happy or are you actually feeling satisfied? If not, it’s time to speak up.


You’re feeling passionate, Cancer, and you don’t want to waste it. Venus, the planet of love and money, is in your house of love affairs, making you ready to have deep, intimate moments with your S.O.

Steal some solid time to just cuddle and connect when you can. You’ll feel a newfound confidence around the 22nd, and feel confident in asking for what you want, when you want it. You’ll also find you’re able to let past hang-ups go and just have fun. Yesss!


Mars, the planet of action, is in your eighth house of sensuality and sex, making you wonder where the boundaries are for you in your love life. Also, what does your ideal bedmate look like—and have you found them yet?

If you’re in a live-in relationship, make things clear about how much you plan to spend on each other. You do NOT want to get your S.O. new slippers when you’re gifted with swanky new watch in return.

Around the 22nd, you’ll try to find a balance between how much you’re partying it up with your partner and how much you’re actually able to just chill and connect. Make sure you have enough laidback time together in the mix.


Mars, the planet of action, is opposite your sign making you wonder if your partner is being totally upfront with you. Did they leave something out because they didn’t want to hurt your feelings? If you’re not in a relationship, put some energy into connecting with people, especially ones that are compassionate. It could lead into much more than you realize.

Make sure you’re out and about around the 22nd—this is a great time to meet somebody in a romantic way. And, if you’re already in a relationship, plan to spend it with your partner. You’ll take things to a new and deeper level.


It’s easy to get caught up in your relationship, but Mars will push you to set up a spiritual routine that’s important for your overall wellbeing. It could be as simple as meditating every A.M. before you start your day. You’ll be surprised how much of a positive impact it can make on your love life.

If you’re single, don’t sell yourself short and go out with someone just because they’re there. You’re worth more than that—plus someone connected to your daily schedule is going to make it worth the wait.

Around the 22nd, you’ll be ready to hunker down at home with someone special. Break out the good sheets—they’re going to get some serious use.


Neptune is in your house of love affairs, Scorpio, making it hard to know exactly what’s up with your S.O. Are they really just overwhelmed with work or is there something you’re missing? Don’t be afraid to ask.

Around the 22nd, you’ll feel really grounded and confident in your opinions. Go ahead and share them with your bedmate. After all, you can’t get what you don’t ask for….

Single? Strike up a conversation with a perfect stranger. It’s really easy for you to form new, strong bonds with people around the end of the month.


Love is a little hidden from you this month, but it’s there—you just have to look for it. Maybe someone is lusting after you that you don’t realize or you just aren’t aware how deeply your partner feels for you. You’ll crave an escape with your S.O. where you can have some QT and hide away from everything else you have to do.

The full moon on the 22nd is in your house of sex and resources, making it a great time to get some. So…what are you waiting for?


Now is the time to make new connections, Capricorn.

Venus, the planet of love and money, is in your house of friendship, making it a really easy time to meet someone new through a buddy. If you’re already in a relationship, you’ll be ready to bring your S.O. around your friends more this month.

You’ll feel super sexy around the 22nd, and won’t hesitate to ask for what you want—and get it in return. Toward the end of the month, you’ll be all about spending time with someone special. Indulge by diving between the sheets and hang there for hours.


The new moon on the seventh is all about expanding your connections. Single? Someone is desperate to set you up with a great friend. If you’re in a relationship, be aware that a little temptation could be thrown your way this month—don’t take the bait.

You’ll love getting out and partying this your S.O. this month, but you’ll crave some serious QT with your partner around the 22nd. You’ve been on the go for what seems like forever. Kicking back together with a bottle of wine at home can be just what your relationship needs to recharge


It’s smooth sailing for you in the sex department, Pisces, thanks to the positions of Venus and Mercury.

You’ll find yourself mulling over what you value and want in a lover. Don’t hesitate to give your S.O. props where they’re due. You’ll also spend long nights just kicking back and talking with your partner. It’ll take your relationship to new depths.

The full moon on the 22nd is in your house of love affairs and enjoyment, making it a great time to open yourself up to someone, whether you just met them or they’ve been in your orbit for a long time.

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