Problematic infection to happen: Coronavirus outbreak in a school in Münster

Only on the Monday before a week of teaching began at the school Wolbeck in Münster, Germany back in days – well, six people have been positive for the Coronavirus tested. There were four pupils and two teachers, as the head of the crisis unit of the city of Münster, Wolfgang Heuer, the star reported.

Overall, all of the approximately 260 students and 30 teachers of the school are now to be infection with the pathogen of Sars-CoV-2 tested. The Tests should start on Wednesday morning and this week to be completed. At the beginning of the coming week the results should be available. Heuer said this in his message of a “problematic infection to happen” at the school, on the “fast and consistent” answer would be. An uncontrolled spread of the Virus, it is important to prevent. For the Infected and their close contact persons, quarantine has been arranged.

Propagation of the Coronavirus is not yet known

Exactly how the Virus was introduced into the secondary school and there were able to spread is still unclear. The radio station Antenne Munster reports that an affected student belong to a large family from the district of Angelmodde, in the there are several an Infected is to give.

The start of school in Germany

Schools to make again – so to succeed in the individual Federal States

The first pupils back in the class room. For school leaders a challenge: disinfectants and masks are lacking, teachers belong to the risk group of primary school students do not keep the distance. A report from Germany’s schools and an Overview of how the start of School in the länder is regulated.

In the school itself apply to the staff according to information from the crisis-head Wearing the usual hygiene measures, such as the prescribed a mouth-nose-mask. In addition, the class levels according to the school administration, after days of the week taught separately, only the tenth-graders and tenth-graders have daily lessons.

The school shares the school campus with a Gymnasium and a secondary school with more than 1000 pupils and over 100 teachers. If there are consequences for her, was initially unclear.

Sources: city of Münster, secondary school Wolbeck, “public safety news”, antenna Münster, news Agency DPA

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