Prevent back pain with rolling massage

An average of six to ten hours we’re sitting today, what causes pain in many people to muscle tension and back. Especially people sitting because of work for hours without a break, for example, truck drivers or office workers are affected. The good news: a few minutes rolling massage to loosen the muscles again.

A study by the Technical University of Chemnitz shows that in eight minutes a self-sufficient massage with a foam roller, the consequences of four and a half hours of Sitting to make up and to loosen the stiff become back muscles. The Massage is very simple and is everywhere easily practicable: "The movement is to stand against the roller, leaning back against the wall, and by slow upward and downward movements of the back to massieren", movement scientist Dr. Freddy Sichting explained.

He had, together with the doctoral students Alexander, the muscle stiffness of the back warp measured in 59 office workers after they had worked for 4,5 hours at the Desk. In the course of the working hours, the muscle stiffness increased significantly. An eight-minute self-massage with a foam roller enough, however, to loosen the muscles so far that they were even a little less stiff than at the beginning of the working phase.

Warp concludes from the results: "The eight-minute self-massage can be used flexibly in every life and can pain from the back, not only to counteract, but also to create the conditions so to avoid them." The positive aspect of the method is that immediately a pleasant feeling, what contributes to it is regularly applied. "In the case of other therapeutic measures and training content, the desired effect is often only later, which soon grow tired of it verlieren", Sichting said. He recommends to integrate the self-massage in a regular sitting breaks. Better than to stay sit for hours, however, every 30 to 60 minutes just to get up.


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