Physicians claim: the end of homeopathy-reimbursement by health insurance companies

Once in France, patients in the future homeopathic remedies themselves have to pay, has asked the Chairman of the cash-medical Federal Union, Andreas streets, and also an end to the financing of such services by the health insurance funds in Germany.

"There is no sufficient scientific evidence for the effectiveness of homeopathic Verfahren", streets of the &quot said;Rhine Post" from Düsseldorf, Germany, Thursday. He, therefore, welcome the French decision.

Streets said, against this Background, the statutory health insurance funds should be allowed to Finance in Germany, in principle, no benefits of alternative medicine, not as a voluntary Statute power, as long as the Use was not proven. "If you want to have homeopathic remedies, should you get also, but please not at the expense of the community of solidarity."

In France, homeopathic products are not reimbursed soon

He called on &quot the funds to manage its financial resources in ambulatory care, ;instead of mainly for marketing purposes, contribution of funds for homeopathy auszugeben". In France, homeopathic products are not reimbursed as of 2021 from the health insurance Fund. Reason, massive doubts as to the effectiveness.