Parents need to continue chemotherapy for her son

A court in Florida has ruled that the chemotherapy of a three-year-old, cancer sick boy needs to continue – against the will of the parents. The child had been diagnosed in April with acute lymphatic leukemia. Doctors treated the boy with chemotherapy, which the parents dropped out, but out of fear of side effects.

Instead, they wanted to treat her son with medical Cannabis, homeopathy, vitamin therapy and a so-called alkaline diet. Because the boy’s life was at stake, landed the case before the court.

Parents may continue to use alternative medicine

The judge ruled that the parents must at least put the first Phase of chemotherapy. After 28 days, again on the further therapy decided. It was free to the parents, however, at this time also alternative medicine. Medical Cannabis in Florida legal. Children can be given, for example in the Form of drops, the effect psycho-actively.

The parents said after the hearing they were disappointed by the decision of the court. Your case is opened however, a discussion about the rights of parents and patients. Because the parents had travelled to discontinuation of therapy in another state, was deprived of custody temporarily. The child currently lives with grandparents.

Parents ‘ preferred methods of treatment are not suitable to defeat the cancer, warned the Doctors during the trial. Without the chemotherapy is to be feared that the Boy would die within a short period of time.

In the case of acute lymphocytic leukemia, the white blood cells multiply rapidly and uncontrollably, without a well-functioning cells. It is the most common Form of leukemia in children. In Germany, around 450 children are diagnosed per year, up to 14 years.

The first symptoms occur within a few weeks after the beginning of the disease. The children feel tired, are prone to infections, and pale, because red blood cells lack, which supply the cells with oxygen. In addition, due to the rapid growth of the leukemia cells to bone pain, especially in the arms and legs. Smaller children want to be more run and worn.

With Chemo the chances of Survival are 90 percent

The individual symptoms need not necessarily mean that leukemia is present. They often occur also in the case of harmless diseases. For a reliable diagnosis, a comprehensive blood examination and bone marrow aspiration are needed.

The suspicion is confirmed, the Affected will need to begin as soon as possible with chemotherapy. The patients will get a combination of different drugs which inhibit the cell growth. In some cases, radiation therapy or a stem cell transplant is also necessary.

Because the medication is also make healthy cells of the body, you experience serious side effects. The therapy, however, is a matter of survival. Statistically, it heals 90% of the affected children permanently from the disease. Without appropriate therapy, acute lymphatic leukemia is usually within a few months, fatally.