Number of Ebola cases exceeds 2000

In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, more than 2000 people with Ebola have been infected in the meantime-Virus. The number of acquired infections spent in 2008, of which in 1914 had been laboratory confirmed, according to the Congolese Ministry of health. More than 1300 of the Patients have died thus.

Thus, the death rate among the Diseased of nearly 70 percent. Among the dead of the world health organization (WHO), according to more than a Hundred employees of the health system.

Compared to previous epidemics, many small children become ill in the Congo is unusual. Around 15 per cent of the Infected were children under the age of five years, according to the WHO. Of them only 22 percent survived the disease, still less than the average.

According to the report, parents bring in their sick small children is often a relatively late stage in special Ebola treatment centres. The reason is the fear to give the children alone in a strange environment, may be the WHO writes. However, leave with an early Isolation of Patients to prevent the Virus spreading further.

Precarious Security Situation

In the case of the epidemic, it is the second-largest Ebola outbreak in history. In spite of international support and of an experimental vaccine could not manage to get the outbreak under control. The main reason is the precarious security situation. In the affected area numerous militias fighting treasures, among other things, to the ground.

In addition, the population is a lot of skepticism about AIDS and the medical treatments exists. Rumors are circulating that the government wants the Virus to decimate the populations. Or that Ebola is an invention of the authorities. Among the consequences of targeted attacks on Ebola treatment centres.

At the end of may, for example, residents were attacked in the village of Vusahir a group of assistants, a hygiene specialist, was killed, the health centre in the town was robbed and destroyed. The following night, Unknown in the place Vulamba attacked in the town of Butembo, a transit centre, where suspected Ebola cases are treated. It’s a damage was done.

Because of the attacks the risk of the spread of the epidemic to other provinces or neighboring countries of Uganda and Rwanda is still very high, warns the WHO. For the Central African state, it is already the tenth known Ebola epidemic. Previous outbreaks were, however, peaceful regions could be relatively quickly contained. In West Africa 2014/2015 at the worst documented Ebola had come outbreak ever 11,000 people lost their lives.