Morgenstund’, poison in the mouth: Like a Cup of coffee a man be insane let

The 59-Year-old was in a pitiful condition, when he entered the day clinic of the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. Three days ago he had felt completely normal. Now, he suffered from strong abdominal and joint pain, and Nausea. His ankles were swollen, he slept poorly and had a disgusting taste in the mouth.

In the case of the examination of the blood will be extremely low hematocrit dropped to-value: The man had far too little red blood cells. Because of the combination of a stomach ache, and anemia, the Doctors suspected a open stomach ulcers and dismissed blockers, patients with Acid, and an invitation to the gastroscopy.

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In the next few days it was so bad, that he volunteered several times at his house the doctor and in the er The pain moved up in the chest and legs, several times he had the feeling that to get hardly any air. Now he was hospitalised.

Mentally, he was beaten, remembered the internist Leigh Simmons, who examined him and the case in the New England Journal of Medicine described: “On the day of its recording, cried and laughed alternately. He was afraid that he was going to die, but it was apparently too embarrassing to be so sick.”

In the following gastroscopy and no ulcer, blood values and the computed tomography was provided neither information on tumors on inflammation. The Patient was to drink every day wine, but for a alcohol liver his values were unremarkable.

On the right track, the Doctors came by a test coloring of the blood sample: Under the microscope the dark dots were in the cells on a genetic malfunction of the red blood cells may indicate. In connection with a disturbance of the sense of such pits, however, are a sign of alarm for lead poisoning – only law along with abdominal pain and mental health problems, because lead also attacks the nerve cells.

Heavy metal in the blood

In the blood of the man 910 micrograms of lead per litre were found in fact. 100 the world health organization considers to be just about tolerable. He got tablets for the detoxification and felt better after two days.

But where he had captured the heavy-metal? “I asked the patient for possible lead sources,” describes Leigh Simmons your research. “He worked in the home office, so we focused on sources in the home.” What are the habits he ate and he drank? After his Breakfast interviewed, he told of an antique Russian enamel spoon, with which he umrührte a morning coffee. A laboratory confirmed that the inventory to 50 percent of lead, and the poison apparently day-to-day released.

For the beautiful Shine lead compounds are used today in glazes for porcelain and ceramic. Today, the metal is bound, it is usually chemically fixed and get hardly any food. As a lead hurl brightly painted ceramic fall during the inspections, however, sometimes the import of goods, including colorful children’s dishes. About affected products, the examination offices of the länder inform.

Of colorful eating and drinking utensils as Souvenirs from your vacation, the authorities advise rather. Unless you want to set the pieces on the dresser and watch.

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