Measles vaccination, care-TÜV, Nutri Score: What will change to 2020

The seven major Changes:

1. The measles vaccination is mandatory

Parents and guardians will in future have to prove that your child is completely against measles been vaccinated , if it is the nursery or school attended. For full protection, two Vaccinations are necessary. Adults in the community facilities workmust also have been vaccinated. Anyone who is not vaccinated, but already had the measles, you must submit a medical certificate. If fines in the amount of up to 2,500 euros.

Mandatory measles vaccination for

  • Children from the age of first year (and even adults) in the care of community facilities, e.g. schools, day-care centres or other accommodation, as well as
  • People working in community facilities or in the medical field

When is the scheme?

Duty is the measles vaccine starting from March 2020.

Visiting a child already in a daycare or school, the deadline is a bit longer: parents have until the 31. July 2021 time of vaccination to prove, for example, by presenting the Impfausweises. This date also applies to adults who work in corresponding institutions.

2. Medical Apps on the recipe

In the future, Doctors can prescribe medical Apps. This includes, for example, Apps that allow diabetics the blood sugar values can be documented to count. The costs are covered by the statutory funds.

Prerequisite: The App must be published by the Federal Ministry for drugs and medical devices (BfArM) as a suitable classified be. The BfArM is examining, among other things, whether the application provides sufficient privacy, its purpose fulfilled and good to handle. All the conditions are met, the BfArM is the App in the “directory for digital health applications”. The App is actually beneficial to patients, must be able to demonstrate to the manufacturer after a year.

When is the scheme?

The App is available on prescription, there are probably only starting from the second half of the year 2020.

3. Care-TÜV – quality audit care notes

A striking number of nursing homes received up to now, the care note 1. A distorted image, because: The reviews were mainly based on the own records of the facilities.

This should now change: The nursing notes by (more objective) quality inspection replaced. Each facility is now responsible, a half-yearly report on the quality assurance issue.

An independent testing Agency evaluates the information provided by the facility and estimates the extent to which these appear reasonable. In addition, a review by the health insurance Medical service (MDK): The MDK is controlled locally on a sample basis, how well individual inhabitants actually supplied. Taking into account how well the home care to body care, wound care, or mobility of the residents.

The results of the tests will then be accessible to the public.

When is the scheme?

The new guidelines are already in November 2019 in force. After the facilities are checked. The goal is that by the end of 2020 , all homes at least once the test run.

4. The Nutri-Score comes

In the new year, food manufacturers, ready meals with the so-called Nutri-Score is provided. The Nutri-Score of the buyer will be able to assess at first glance how healthy products, such as ready-to-pizzas, frozen lasagna, or Ravioli out of a can are: the (green-colored) letter A, for example, means that the court has a particularly favorable nutritional composition. A red E indicates that you should not overdo it with the product – for example, because it contains too much sugar, fat or salt.

However, the Nutri-Score is no obligation – every manufacturer can decide for itself whether its food products with the Logo or not.

When is the scheme?

The first products with Nutri-Score is already at the beginning of 2020 in the shelves and freezers give. Until the middle of 2020 wants the Federal government the legal basis for the Nutri-Score is created.

5. Duration of a prescription for chronically Ill

Chronically ill or dependent persons, the the same medicines need, the doctor may, in certain cases, a so-called repetition regulation issue. This means that a drug Is depleted, the Patient it again from the pharmacy, get, without, once again, to the doctor to have to. On the prescription, the physician must specify how often the Patient must the drug follow-up order (for a maximum of three more times) and how long this arrangement is valid. The duration of the recipe can take, for example, patients with Diabetes or Asthma who need regular medical care.

When is the scheme?

The repetition of regulation is from the beginning of the year possible.

6. New rules for cervical cancer screening

The earlier cervical cancer and its precursors are detected, the better. For this reason, the funds will remind, from the new year, by Mail, all women between the ages of 20 and 65 years, to the early detection, every five years.

  • In addition, there is for women 35 years of a new regulation: The previous annual Pap Test is replaced by a three-yearly Combination testing: so Far, about 35 were able to make a-Year-old every year, a Pap Test. On the basis of the Pap test, the doctor cell changes, and thus precursors of cervical can detect cancer.
  • From 2020 onwards, the following applies: Instead of the annual Pap Tests have 35-Year-old , every three years, is entitled to a Pap Test and an additional HPV Test. Using the HPV test, the doctor is human papilloma virus is able to demonstrate, represent a risk factor for cervical cancer. The General examination of the genital organs is still annually possible.

When the regulations apply?

The Changes are effective from the beginning of the year.

7. 116 117: emergency service and Appointment to be made around the clock

In the new year, you can use the medical on-call service, day and night, under the number 116 117 reach. So far this is only on weekends and holidays possible. The on-call service takes care of acute, but not life-threatening health problems and provides outpatient treatments in a readiness to practice or in house visit.

In addition, the on-call service with the previous appointment service bundled. So far, the appointment service had other, different regional numbers. Now patients can reach the on-call service as well as the date of service under the 116 177. The aim of the Appointment is to shorten the long Wait for a specialist appointment and to allow a timely visit to the doctor. A prerequisite is that the Patient has a Referral. In addition, staff appointments, communicate with doctors and psychotherapists.

When the regulations apply?

116 117 from the beginning of the year, around the clock.

What are the changes yet?

Some other new features at a glance:

  • Higher subsidies for dentures: From October 2020 to take the statutory funds for the dental-primary care (bridges, dentures, crowns), 60% of the cost. (previously it was 50 %). In the case of a fully-managed bonus booklet it can be up to 75 %.
  • Receipts without plasticizers: From the 2. January may not include cash register receipts,thermal paper and label the harmful Bisphenol A.
  • More stringent requirements for textilesIn many textiles are substances that contain a certain concentration of cancer triggering. To prevent this from happening, apply for these substances, limits. For 33 of them will be lowered to November 2020 the limits. These include lead, arsenic, or benzene count. The regulation applies to all textiles that come directly into contact with the skin, such as bedding or clothing.
  • Conclusion with Menthol cigarettes: Menthol flavored cigarettes are only allowed to up to 20. In may 2020, will be sold.
  • New limits for plasticisers: Four different harmful plasticisers (BBP, DEHP, DBP, DIBP), may 7. To find July 2010, only a proportion of a maximum of 0.1% in Everyday objects-to-be. Plasticizers are found in many products, e.g. in cables, floor coverings or tableware made of plastic.
  • Liposuction insurance: Lipödeme by an Operation to remove it. Under certain conditions, women may have the surgery in the future, from the cash register to pay, if it is strong Lipödeme.
  • Supplement for pharmacies, emergency service is more expensive: Who outside of the normal opening Hours prescription drugs in the emergency pharmacy is concerned, must from 1. January 2020 per medication 21 cents of extra pay – yet it was 16 cents. In the case of certain products, such as narcotics, the surcharge is higher and is 4.26 euros.


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