Lower blood pressure with mindfulness training

Heart disease call for a year almost 18 million deaths, many of which are due to high blood pressure. Can be treated by medication, some lifestyle Changes such as healthier eating, weight loss and regular exercise to meet. Permanent changes in behavior are often a challenge and this is exactly where mindfulness comes into play.

For a study by a team of researchers at Brown University developed in Rhode Island, a special on mindfulness-based program for lowering blood pressure, which attended 43 participants with hypertension for nine weeks. Therein techniques have been used to control the attention, to improve the Regulation of the feelings, as well as to raise awareness of healthy and unhealthy behaviors. This Training improved the self-regulation significantly decreased the blood pressure values, risk factors, salt-, alcohol consumption and physical activity they are getting closer to the official recommendations. A year later the positive effects were still present. Fortunately, they were in the case of participants with uncontrolled high blood pressure is the strongest. The blood pressure dropped an average of 15.1 mmHg.

Further studies have to follow

Prof. Eric Loucks said: "We know enough about high blood pressure, so that we can control it theoretically possible for all people, and yet about half of all diagnosed people are out of control. Mindfulness could represent a different approach to help these people, to lower your blood pressure by understanding what is going on in your mind and in your body."

Currently, a subsequent study conducted with more than 200 participants. Louks hopes that the mindfulness training as a treatment option for people with high blood pressure recognition.