Jessie J Shows Off Booty Cellulite in Her Latest Swimsuit Photo

It’s hard to log on to Instagram these days without seeing at least one ridiculously over-edited celebrity photo. And with so many photo editing apps available, it only takes a few seconds to transform any image. And that’s exactly why it’s so refreshing when we see a celeb who is totally comfortable in their own skin.

Last week, singer Jessie J shared a cheeky bikini shot of herself on the beach, showing off her body—and in particular, her booty. While we don’t see anything but flawlessness in this photo, Jessie prepared herself for any body-shaming internet trolls by addressing her cellulite in her Instagram caption.

“Took ages to hairspray my hair like that. My shadow is my mood,” she wrote alongside the shot. “Oh and for those telling me I have cellulite. I know. I own a mirror.”

Naturally, her fans fawned over her caption, praising her for showing off her natural, unedited curves. “I absolutely love that you didn’t photoshop the natural cellulite under the booty that most celebrities have regardless of size,” wrote one commenter.

Another fan added this: “This is what we need, women being real and honest and not afraid to show the reality that most of us have cellulite!! And yet we continue to look at filtered pictures of celebrities and believe that they don’t have it. Thank you Jessie for being real and proving that we are all beautiful regardless of a few bumps on our booties.”

Considering that nearly 90% of women will develop cellulite at some point in their lives, it’s nice to know that celebs really are just like us. If only they’d take a page from Jessie’s book and share their so-called flaws and imperfections so candidly.

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