In Hamburg it is stairs, is now Germany’s first germ – free roll and this is how it works

In the winter time, they are everywhere – germs. When coughing and Sneezing, they often end up in our hands. Which, in turn, we combine all the items and pass on the germs. Particularly problematic is the stubborn and dangerous flu viruses. In order to prevent exactly that was in the shopping center “Phoenix Center” in Hamburg-Harburg is now Germany’s first germ-free escalator inaugurated. Actually, there are even four. The escalators are equipped with a special technology that provides light rays that visitors to the shopping center can to the handrail of the escalator attack.

Escalator: germs are eliminated with UV-C light

The technique, which originates from the Cologne-based Start-Up company “Uvis”, works like this: the hand of The escalators runs are irradiated with strong UV light. By the light of bacteria, viruses and fungi are destroyed and rendered harmless. The idea came to company founder Tanja Nickel and her business partner Catherine Obladen in the school. “The own disgust was crucial,” says Nickel on the starrequest. “We have disinfected the Public before the touch of the bun, the hands.” In the case of an inventors ‘ competition in 2010, the two have filed to the innovative technology and shortly afterwards patented. It’s high school graduation and College followed, and in may 2016, the company’s founding.

Swine flu was decisive for the inventive spirit

The decisive factor was the flu eight years ago, the rapidly spreading swine. “We asked ourselves: What happens when the next major epidemic come from? And what are the areas of major Infection?”, so Nickel about your inventive spirit. Escalators were identified as one of the culprits. That people can hold on to now, has several positive effects. On the one hand, namely, the accidents could be avoided. Disgust a lot of people did not take hold. The was dangerous. On the other hand, as the pathogens would be eliminated and the well-being of users increases.

What happens when the next major epidemic come from?

On a great note sticker will be referred to the germ-free escalator. Already escalators installed can be retrofitted. New escalators can be in the factory with the new technology. Great competition doesn’t have Nickel and her business partner, currently, by the way. Only in Korea is it to give a company, that a germ that offers free escalator. The German quality requirements of the applied technology is not sufficient in the view of Uvis, the founder of the Nickel. In the future, it is likely to be a more germ-free escalator in Germany. Just a rolling staircase has been retrofitted in a southern German hospital.