How quickly the taste becomes accustomed mind to eat without sugar and salt? Dr. Ohla, the download Chips, and chocolate-drenched sense of taste reacts first rather overwhelmed on unsalted and sugar to eat. Why is this so?

Dr. Kathrin Ohla: Because the discrepancy to the expectation that the food has been so great. The expectation that we have of the taste of familiar food, is based on a long habituation, and does not now change. Bread, for example, there is only buy as salted food, you learn it differently. That is why unsalted bread for the most people tastes fade.

This can be physiologically explained? Blunt the receptors in the tongue at some point?

Ohla: in the Short term, it comes to the so-called Adaptation: If you are within a few minutes a bag of gummy bears plastered, tire of the taste receptors to some extent. Therefore, the first rubber taste bears are always much sweeter than the last. At some point, the receptors no longer respond. This effect lasts but not more than a couple of hours.

So there is no long-term habituation?

Ohla: I think it is unlikely that regular salt and sugar consumption in the long term, something on the level of the taste receptors to change. That, however, is poorly understood.

That the waiver is so difficult, probably has more to do with the Power of the habit and the reward system in the brain: There are a number of studies show that the reward system gets used to the regular consumption of energy-rich food, and thus less responsive. Increased consumption is a possible consequence, that is to say, we are eating more and more to feel the same effect.

This could explain why most of the people with an Apple as a dessert, but rather for the chocolate bar grab, more than four times as much sugar and lots of fat.

This is also true for salt? Or, as is the fact that a lot of people like heavily salted food?

Ohla: no, salt is not. That Sweet and Greasy activate our reward system, it has evolutionary reasons for this: sugar and fat are energy suppliers, protect from Starvation. Even newborn children will be happy if you give them sugar – and fat-containing fluids – salt, however, they react with indifference. Because salt alone provides no energy.

We eat so much salt, probably has more to do with the high fat content of many salty foods. As meat, cheese, and Fast Food typically are heavily salted, we learn quickly to associate salt with fat, and thus with energy.

How long do you have to avoid sugar or salt, until you get weaned from the daily Overdose?

Ohla: The taste receptors to recover, as I said, within minutes or at most hours. How long do you have to set the reward system to withdrawal until it responds again, in smaller quantities, has not yet been sufficiently explored.

The most difficult is probably the mental transition. Until you miss salt and sugar less, you have to have a little patience. How long it will take, but it is not possible to generally quantify, but is different from person to person. This is probably similar to quitting Smoking: The craving for cigarettes can be so also in the case of all Ex-after-smokers the same.

The “cold withdrawal” is at all useful, or would you seed more likely to be long to break the Habit of rates?

Ohla: this is not a flat rate of say, but depends on the personality. I, for example, can’t make it to fast longer than three days – but I know people who do this without problems, once-a-year for four to six weeks. By this Reset and wean them off food even of your absolute favorite – they taste them after that, too sweet or too spicy.

I find it easier for me to gradually adjust to the time difference – I have a couple of grams used, for example, when baking, less sugar. In the meantime I use for my cake is only half as much sugar as before, and it tastes excellent, not only me, but also my husband. The environment is also an important factor: If you cook not only for himself but for his Partner or the whole family and bakes, is a gradual reduction is usually easier.

Dr. Ohla, we would like to thank you for the interview!

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