HIV: protection for the Partner

Infection with the Aids Virus länot sst heal. But there are ways to avoid contagion, erklärt expert Norbert­ Brock Meyer

Condoms are considered to be protection against many sexually ütransmitted diseases diseases

Around 88 000 people in Germany with the Immunschwächevirus HIV infected, jäa year a little more than 3000. The number of new infections varies for about ten years. You ließe lower, wüauthorities new Möthe possibilities of Prävention verstärkt perceived. Questions to the experts Norbert Brockmeyer.

Professor Brockmeyer, is always of an imminent Cure, or even of genuine healings of HIV-­­Infection have been reported. Is there something to it?

Unfortunately, as good as nothing. After my Einschäbe up we in the näfor the next 20 to 30 years, no healings in the großen style. So far there is only a single people, despite intensive investigations, no more viruses were found. A special case: This Patient had a Leukämie is a two-time bone marrow Trans­­plantation of a people, of a natünatural Infektions­barrier against HIV.

But there are also other reports of alleged healings.

As it comes to so-called functional cures. This means that, despite Discontinuation of the medication not to increase the virus, in some cases for more than ten years. The viruses, however, are still in the Köthe body of the people, and we do not know whether they will eventually be active again. Nevertheless, such functional healings are natüof course a great thing.

Why you succeed so rarely?

Because this treatment is very früh after infection nötig is. The consequence of mübiggest are: If someone suspects that he is on the Wochen­­at the end of infected, he should quickly take an HIV medicine, and on Monday to test. Then läthe Virus sst, in part, even to eradicate it.

Is that really realistic?

Unfortunately, most of the Infected come to spät. This is doubly bad. Because the therapy is more successful the früit begins. On the other, because through them also the sexual partners geschübe protected.

How the? You köcan but condoms schüsupport.

Condoms are essential, also because some other sexually übertragbare prevent diseases. To infect, but also unlikely, if the ­Virus number, thanks to the treatment of HIV below the limit of detection of the hei&szlig, ;t below 50 viruses per millilitre of blood. In addition, könon-infected Partner may be the so-called Präexposure prophylaxis schüsupport by take certain medications.

This prevention, however, is very expensive.

That is no longer true. In the pharmacies it is now für to buy about 50 to 70 euros per month, associated with ausfülegitimate advice and regel­­mäßowned controls. With condoms and the The­­therapy, we have three blocks in order to reduce the rate of infection.

Why not drops then längst?

The Situation has become more difficult, because it is the people today üabout Dating Apps and other Online offers easier to initiate sexual contacts. Thus, the Partner &ouml switch;more often. Add to that drug use and certain sexual preferences that the risk für infections erhöhen. In addition, the rate of infection increases in people über 50, to be sure fümiss. The Problem: The Talk über Sexualität is a taboo – in the case of the Ädeveloped all the more.

The infection rate in Germany, measured on all of these difficulties is not rather small?

It is even one of the world’s lowest. The has also with our libe­­to do lateral approach. Infected with HIV will not be excluded from us in General, and stigmatized, the Po­policy fährt is not a restrictive course. Other Lächange you can see: The unfree, and the hidden with the HIV-infection is handled, the höthe new infection rate.

This Erklänot to easy?

It nat&uuml has;to do this, of course, also with the good advice to offer, with Aufkläof campaigns, and with good medikamentösen supply. The development of an incredible success story. The even is reflected globally, with The number of Neuinfek­tions has halved worldwide since 1997, the number of Todesfälle since 2005.

But at what cost to patients daf&uuml numbers;r? You can still see the images with a handful of tablets that you täto swallow possible.

This is Long since past. Many patients benötake only one tablet a day. Also to Comply with the taking time is not so critical. The virus will not be so quickly resistant to active ingredients if it is not absolutely pünktlich occupies.

How about side effects?

There is you, you köthe liver, stomach and intestines, the heart, the concern Psyche, the need to know the patients. The Verträurgency is much better, and the balance of Benefit and risk is absolutely positive. In addition, the therapy k&uuml is;in the future, probably even easier.

What are you playing at?

Künewly studies have shown that a syringe every four or eight weeks is as effective as the täpossible tablet. I anticipate an approval in the near future. The wäre für all those a große-Chance, the problem with the regelmäßsodium ingestion or Swallowing tablets. Everything, what is the therapy spectrum, expanded, improved, the good Situation in the developed Lächange.

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