From Australia to Portugal: These countries have access again to the Lockdown

With the onset of the Corona-pandemic and the rising infection and death, many countries have introduced figures of worldwide regulations in order to curb the spread of the Virus. Often these rules in a Lockdown, so a shutdown of the Public resulted. Such as Restaurants, Bars, gyms, and schools were closed. In some countries, was even a bit of shopping and the way to work allows.

After the contagion had fallen to numbers that have eased many of the countries of their Corona-the rules and the Lockdown lifted. But now the Infection is increasing in some Parts of the world. Therefore, it was decided in some States, the Lockdown re-introduce – if often only locally or regionally.


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Overview: In these countries there is a Lockdown

Also in Germany, Gütersloh, in North Rhine were in the circle of Westphalia, the Corona-restrictions re-introduced after it had come to an outbreak of coronavirus infections in the slaughterhouse Tönnies. Meanwhile, the number of new infections per 100,000 inhabitants is significantly below the limit value, and finally the upper administrative court of Münster had tipped the state government had Corona limitations.

In which States Lockdown and Corona were introduced-restrictions? An Overview:

Melbourne, Australia: Australia’s second largest city because of a sharp increase in the Corona-infections in a six-week Lockdown. For several weeks, the approximately five million inhabitants, capital of the state was opened in Victoria, but as of Wednesday, 0 p.m., will again set strict curfews in force, informed the regional head of government, Daniel Andrews. On Tuesday, the health authorities have confirmed 191 new infections, one of the highest increases within a day in Australia since the outbreak of the Corona pandemic.

The citizens are not allowed to leave in the coming weeks, the house. Exceptions: shopping, food, doctor and nursing visits, sports, and work. Guests are not allowed to be received, in addition, schools in affected areas remain closed. The five million or so residents of Melbourne are not permitted to leave also your city. The military is mobilized to assist the police in the enforcement of output restrictions.The border between the States of Victoria and New South Wales will also be closed.

Leicester, UK: Due to high Corona-the case of numbers the British government for the Central English city of Leicester, once again strict restrictions of public life imposed. While the Rate of cases of infection in most parts of the country, whether they have risen in Leicester for the last part, explained health Minister Matt Hancock to take the step. Non-essential business, therefore, had to from Tuesday, 30. June in Leicester, close schools Thursday. After two weeks, the measures to come, according to the Hancock to the test.

Israel: After a significant increase of Corona infections, as has Israel, the restrictions for the containment of the Virus intensified. The Cabinet of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu decided, according to his office, that the festival halls, Bars, night clubs, public swimming pools and gyms until Further notice, will have to close. The beach, religion, schools, and Restaurants should remain open. For Restaurants, houses of worship and bus passenger limits apply. The measures must still be approved by Parliament. Also in the West Bank, a five-day Lockdown since Friday because of a similar new outbreak.

Netanyahu had said on Sunday a state of emergency situation and a “strong outbreak” of the Coronavirus. On Friday, the number of new infections within 24 hours for the first time passed the mark of 1000.

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Spain: According to the Catalan Region of Segrià was in the former Corona-Hotspot Spain a larger area due to rising infection numbers in quarantine. The district of A Mariña, in the Galician province of Lugo in the North-West of the country to be sealed off between Monday and Friday, for five days, as the regional government of Galicia said. Are affected slightly more than 70,000 people. On Sunday, there was in A Mariña, according to official figures, a total of 106 Infected. In A Mariña will now be reduced, among other things, the opening Hours of the guest houses, bigger people are says accumulations of up to Friday is strictly prohibited.

Segrià, with the large town of Lleida was the first Region that had been sealed off after the easing of the Corona-measures in Spain. In total, since Saturday, 12 o’clock, 200,000 people affected. Until Further notice, no one is allowed to enter or leave the Region to go except to work. The police erected checkpoints on the access roads. The population was called, to avoid gatherings and family celebrations to limit or move.

According to the health authorities the cases of infection in the Segrià were climbed within a few days to more than 300 to 4,000. Most of the infections were with farms, nursing homes and a residential quarter, media reported.

Belgrade, Serbia: After a strong increase in infection numbers, the Serbian government last Friday for the capital city of Belgrade the measures against the spread of the Coronavirus imposed. So mask obligation in public transport, shops and Offices is now. Violators can be fined. Restaurants, cafes and Clubs must close at 23 o’clock. Events in closed rooms are allowed, even more, with up to 100 participants, with up to 500 participants. A safety distance of 1.5 metres is to be maintained. Serbia had been the day before, 359 to new infections with the Virus of Sars-CoV-2.

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United States: The Rate of infections is increasing in the United States again significantly. Especially in the States of Florida, Texas, Georgia, Arizona and California are affected. Relaxations have been made in several regions of the country, partly to undo.

So may about hosting in Los Angeles and numerous other California cities Restaurants, no guests indoors. The ban is valid for at least three weeks as Governor Gavin Newsom said. In the West coast state, Restaurants were allowed to at the end of may, according to the Corona-Lockdown re-open. Also in Michigan, the Bars were closed in the indoor area, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, and the County Miami-Wade in Florida brought back a mask of duty. The Republican Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, also ordered a ban on assemblies with more than ten participants.

The USA is by far the hardest by the pandemic-stricken country in the world. The total number of cases of infection, according to the Johns Hopkins University, now at 2.93 million. The number of recorded deaths is at least 130,000.

Lisbon, Portugal: Due to an increase in the Corona-infections must large parts of the Metropolitan area of Lisbon since 1. July for two weeks back in the Lockdown. The residents of the 19 affected municipalities in the Metropolitan area of the capital will be allowed to go, therefore, only out of the house, to make purchases, to drive to work or see a doctor. In this time there will be only meetings of a maximum of five persons will be allowed. The districts in the centre of Lisbon are not affected. The Lisbon Region since Wednesday, with almost 18,000 of infection of the pandemic of the Corona most affected part of the country. the cases for the first time since the outbreak

China: round, half a Million Chinese in the vicinity of Beijing life, have since the end of June due to a new Coronavirus outbreak in the Lockdown. The Chinese authorities stated, after the number of new infections had risen in the capital again. Of the Lockdown, the Chinese in the circle Anxin, which is located 150 kilometers away from Beijing, are affected. According to the health authority of the place will be sealed “complete and controlled”. The residents would have to stay home. Only one representative from each family should go out to do shopping and to get medicine, it said.

After two months of no new infections in Beijing, the number of new infections since the is 11. June to 311 increased. As a starting point, the Xinfadi market, will be presumed to be in Beijing, according to the authorities, since the 30. May was attended by around 200,000 people.

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