Found the cause of stuttering

Problem suffered, Winston Churchill and Marilyn Monroe, just about resolved. We are talking about stuttering. After much effort, scientists have studied the mechanism of this speech defect and found another reason for the stuttering. They found that the pathology associated with restriction of blood flow to the frontal lobe of the brain. This means that soon there will be new methods of dealing with stuttering.

A new study from researchers at Children’s hospital in Los Angeles based popular scientific work of Dr. Peterson from the Institute of Evolution of the Mind.

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The brain adults and children who stutter

The team used proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy to study the brain in adults and children who stutter. They were focused on the speech center, also known as Broca’s area, and found that the activity of blood flow was inextricably linked to speech. This fact has allowed scientists to assume that the more the anomaly of blood flow in the nervous language the loop, which connects the frontal and temporal lobes of the brain, the more a speech impediment.

If there is suspicion of speech defects in the child, he should see an experienced speech therapist. It is possible that this hesitation is not convulsive in nature, and they pass with age. But a child is in need of increased attention adults: to talk to your child you should always quietly, softly, it is also necessary to develop a clear mode of the day with the obligatory NAP time and walks. Before bedtime, only quiet games and reading. Never need to rush to diagnose stuttering and even more to pronounce the word in front of the child.

The leader of the experiment Dr. Bradley Peterson argues that the results of the study open new avenues to the treatment of stuttering in children and adults.


Until now it was thought that the physiological pathology is primarily genetic in nature (stuttering is inherited).