Fatal incentive: An Amputation pays hospitals more than therapy

Diabetic patients often have poor circulation and suffer from pressure points, which easily infect the diabetic foot syndrome. An older gentleman came in with massive pain, the tissue was black. He could barely walk. However, in our house there was no place. Also because it was not foreseeable, and when he might be released. In case of cardiac patients is clear: to Put a catheter way and the bed is free for the next one.

The head physician of the cardiology proposed a compromise: The Patient was admitted on the weekend. I had to organize that the treatment, vascular dilation, in the context of the on-call would take place and the Patient is dismissed on the Monday would. On the weekend, fewer people will be admitted, because a little goes. We have taken advantage of this gap, so that the Station had no disadvantage. In this case, it went well. But the treatment is lengthy: The open wounds must heal, the soles of the feet with splints or special shoes relieved. All of this does not work, remains as a last Amputation. The crux of the problem: In the case of flat-rate System, the complex conservative treatment is a bad bill, there are about 3000 Euro. Easy to cut, dramatically speaking, with more than 10,000 euros, significantly more lucrative.

In Germany, 70 per cent of diabetic patients are carried out annually about 40,000 leg amputations. Four out of five could be avoided. However, the System sets a fatal financial incentive. Problems and psychological distress through the leg loss are not taken into account.

In 2002, a colleague and I have launched a call among Physicians, in order to prevent the flat rate System. Over 800 have signed it. It has nothing to. Many Physicians suffer, but work. Who says, I’m in there, the clinic is after two years broke. As the medical Director I met for many years in the rat race. My concern is the strained relationship between the doctor and Patient: confidence shaken many.

Are you a Doctor, or a doctor?

If you want to support the physician appeal (Read more here) in particular, please write to us at [email protected] The list of signatories is published on stern.de . In order to verify that you are really a Doctor, or a doctor, we need you to provide the following information (only to the point of 1-3 is released):

1. the full name

2. Specialist designation and function

3. Place of work

4. Employer

5. E-mail from a verifiable Account (e.g., your practice, your employer)

6. Helpful: Website appearance of your practice or your employer with information to you

You should see examples that show how economic pressures influence medical decisions, write to us about this. We will then confidentially contact you.

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