Eyelash serum growth medium with the side-effect

Long, thick eyelashes are considered a beauty ideal. To the natural to help, there are many possibilities: in addition to Mascara and artificial extensions also eyelashes are serums, which are applied to the eyelid. Many of these resources contain the tissue hormone Prostaglandin, which can also have unwanted effects.

Most of the manufacturers of eyelash serums use variants of the tissue hormone Prostaglandin. The reason for this is based on a coincidence: "Originally Prostaglandin derivatives for the treatment of patients with glaucoma. In order to reduce the intraocular pressure, they received eye drops containing this active substance. As a side-effect was found to be a stronger lash growth. This effect has made the cosmetics industry to Use, and it eyelash serums entwickelt", Dr. Utta Petzold, a dermatologist at the health insurance company Barmer declared.

The expert advises against the application of the advantages and disadvantages to weigh. "Finally, pharmaceuticals are included pharmacologically active substances, which is why the old wisdom is true: there is no effect without Nebenwirkung", Petzold says. The eyelashes serums with Prostaglandin could lead to headaches, eye irritation, decreased visual acuity, and increased pigmentation of the surrounding skin and even the Iris. The Dermatologist that it was only after twelve months of application is even possible that blue eyes are permanently brown.

What are the side effects and long-term application of such lashes follow serum has, is not yet fully understood. "The Problem is the classification as a cosmetic product. As a result, only a few Tests and verifications are necessary. Prostaglandin would sera containing Eyelashes classified as a drug, would have to submit the manufacturer studies on the efficacy, safety and pharmaceutical quality. This would be for transparency sorgen", Petzold says.

Already in 2011, the German Federal Institute for risk assessment has criticized the classification as a cosmetic product, and also the Federal Agency for medicines and medical products downgraded prostaglandin-containing lash serums as a so-called medicinal product by Function a. However, the contradiction of the manufacturer led to that, as yet, no decision has been made. Therefore, the products are up to today as a cosmetics over the counter. Information on product safety or possible side effects due to this classification, very different, or missing altogether. Who wants to take a risk, instead use a Serum rather of Mascara.


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