Eye Condition Keratoconus: Unstable Cornea

Distorted world – The cornea is unstable, schwäthe cht visual performance massively. Health insurance companies pay for SURGERY now

Optical KohäRenz tomography: A Krümmungsbild shows the state of the cornea

Again with the glasses is too weak. It was adjusted only three weeks ago, new – for the third Time this year. "If the lens of the values in a short period of time auffäcompletely often verächange, Affected necessarily to ­Eye doctor gehen", Professor Bert&shy stresses;hold Seitz, Director of the clinic für ­Ophthalmology at the Universitätsklinikum des Saarlandes. Häoften a disease called keratoconus put behind it.

In the case of this eye condition that occurs often in young people, the cornea is unstable. It is deformed to a unregelmäßsolution of cone, dünnt is increasingly and can rei&szlig in the worst case, even;en. "Each measurement of the Sehschärfe is then only a snapshot. The result can be a few days später quite different ausfallen", erklärt Seitz, in Homburg, the ­Keratoconus Center. Often, the disease worsens slowly until the middle of 30 and then comes to a standstill.

Double Images, Streaking, And Shade

By the unregelmäßige Krüatmosphere of the horn, the light can not be focused the skin to a certain focal point. The Affected environment is perceived increasingly distorted, double vision, shadows, streaks, and rings and rays to light sources. At night and in the Däthe author is of the view due to the erhöelevated glare sensitivity is particularly strong beeinträauthorized.

In Germany, it hits about 2000 people; Mämen twice as häfrequently as women. Most of the keratoconus time occurs added to both eyes. In many cases, it remains undetected. "Especially in the early stages it is often with a simple Hornhautverkrüatmosphere of confused and wrong behandelt", Seitz says.

To diagnose a keratoconus sure, was not easy. So müsse the eye doctor the Hornhautoberfläche and thickness are measured and a computer-based flächiges Krümmungsbild create. "The slit-lamp examination, is sufficient since it is not aus", Seitz emphasized.

Stabilizing Lens

The disease is not curable, ­however, lässt your progression of the brakes. Experts therefore recommend a frühzeitige treatment. "The eher­ a keratoconus discovered and stabi­is hydrolyzed, the größhe is the Chance of a corneal Transplanta­to vermeiden&quot tion;, about Professor Burkhard Dick, the Universit&auml says;ts-Augenklinik Bochum.

A low ausgeprägte deformation and Ausdünnung of the cornea lässt zunäfirst, with a pair of glasses to compensate. In the more advanced stage of form-stable contact lenses or special keratoconus lenses are required. "Including a Tr&auml forms;nenfilm, the Un­layer of the cornea fixes, balances and a annäapproximate normal Seh­impression ermöglicht", erklärt Thick.

Well-connected corneal

Around 80 percent of those Affected to cope permanently with hard contact lenses. As the disease progresses, Augen&auml recommend;doctors zusäaddition to surgical therapies. In the meantime, many of bewährt has Verh&auml the so-called Cross-Linking, biochemical;reddening of the cornea. With the B-Vitamin Ribo­flavin and the UV-A rays, the collagen fibers of the cornea st&auml skin;amplifier networked. "So läthe Er&shy sst;disease, although not cure, its progression but in many Fäcases stoppen", Seitz says.

The Cross-Linking is recommended to the keratoconus expert especially jüyounger patients with rapidly progressing disease – especially since it has Recently become to Fund performance. The crosslinking treatment is on an outpatient basis durchgeführt, the eyes bet&auml be;ubt. Before the 30-minütransparent to irradiation with UV-A light trägt the doctor the uppermost Horny skin layer, thus, the Riboflavin penetrates better into the tissue. Patients müshot in the first few days after surgery with pain and Fremdkörpergefühl expect.

Gentler Therapy

The eye clinic at the Universitätsklinikum Bochum offers a more gentle therapy to – the Customized Cross-Linking. "In the case of this further development of the conventional method köwe can Intensität the treatment to the individual findings anpassen", erklärt chief doctor Thick. The pathological Wölbung of the cornea let also selectively relieve, it müsse does not skin the entire horn to be treated. Disadvantage: The health insurance üaccept the cost dafür currently does not.

In old age it is better

An Alternative toning Kunststoff­rings implanted into the cornea. You köcan slow down the progression of the disease by the Krüatmosphere of flattening. "This is the recommended procedure, particularly for patients that do not form stable contact lenses vertragen", Seitz says.

In the case of slowly progressive disease &shy pay sometimes too easy;­Patience, how the keratoconus expert ­erklärt: "With increasing age, verhäthe horn RTS skin by itself, so that the natünatural aging process, the disease aufhält." Only in particularly severe Fäcases can be a corneal transplant may be necessary.

Cause unknown

Why it to the Vorwölbungen of the cornea is not vöcompletely geklärt. "Probably the Kollagenmolek&uuml are;le in the connective tissue Stützgerüst of the cornea to a little networked. This reduces your biomechanical Stabilität", Seitz says.

In addition to a genetic Ver­taxation seem the immune system as well as a Schilddrüsenunter function to play a role. "Also violent and hästage of eye rubbing erhöht the Risiko", Seitz says. In the case of already existing illness may lead to acute deterioration.

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