Even Fidgeting helps burn calories

Adults often complain when children’s behavior is restless and fidget. The Hibbelei could, in times of Overweight and obesity but also advantages. An Australian study suggests.

Scientists from the University of Strathclyde have found that children consume by Fidget a year, a not inconsiderable amount of energy. They were measured for their study, the calorie consumption with forty preschool children spent about an hour in an observation room with TV, Play on the floor Drawing and Coloring. While the individual movements are small, you could have the sum in the long term, on body weight: The difference in energy consumption between children who were struggling the most and the least, corresponded to a 20-kilogram child is almost 3 kg of body weight per year. Thus, the Movement could have a propensity to quite health effects, the researchers suggest.

Most of the attitude changes were observed, the scientists, while the children played with toys, and the least, while they watched TV. Professor John Reilly, of Strathclyde’s School of Psychological Sciences & Health said: "There is a growing scientific interest in Sitting for long periods targeted by, or Go to break. So far, but has been researched very little about how much energy is consumed during changes in Posture, which is also referred to as Dithering. It has been shown that adults mainly move hands or feet, if you fidget. Children make bigger movements with the whole body, and you will fidget even more frequently than adults." The researchers point out that Fidgeting is no replacement for physical activity.