Effective Workout with the E-Bike will burn 300 calories, in spite of the electric motor.

If you are struggling with too many Kilos to get for the Sport support. E-Bikes are an excellent way to be fit again. Often the way to work is enough already.

That movement is useful if you want to get rid of excess pounds, is obvious. But anyone who has Overweight, find it difficult to Sport because the opportunities are often limited because the joints or the heart to be heavily loaded. Swimming is a gentle way Cycling also.

This was demonstrated by researchers from Denmark. They investigated whether leisurely Cycling brings something. Their subjects were 130 young women and men with a Body Mass Index between 25 and 35 (Overweight to obesity grade I) and a body fat percentage from 32 percent for women and at least 25 per cent of men. The participants were real Couch potatoes, the goings-on of any Sport. For the study, they should move for six months on a regular basis – a group of Cycling to work (14 miles per day), and the other operate in the leisure moderate sports, the third is an intense fitness program, the fourth spent got the time on the Sofa. The astonishing result is that The cyclist had lost after six months in the average of 4.5 kg more fat mass, the scientists report in the University of Copenhagen in the International Journal of Obesity.

"Effective Workout" also with the E-Bike

But it can also be used on E-Bikes transfer? A study by the University of Colorado, Boulder (published in the European Journal of Applied Physiology) confirmed that E-Cycling a "effective Workout" achieve. Also, they examined 20 test persons drove in four weeks of daily Cycling to work and, therefore, no extra Fitness program in your everyday life had to integrate.

"The pace at which the participants drove was self-überlassen", the researchers write. "The moderate intensity allowed them, our recommendations of at least 40 minutes of exercise a day actually observed. Within the four weeks, your risk for atherosclerosis and other cardiovascular diseases was significantly decreased. This is especially true for people on the move in very little else." The scientists used aware of the E-Doping by the electric motor to the driving wheels. "The support allows it to handle long and hilly distances." Another motivating factor: the pace. By the motor drive, they came on up to 30 kilometers per hour.

In the end, the cyclists were consistently healthier and fitter, with significantly improved aerobic Fitness, in the case of the sugar by means of oxygen is burned. The blood sugar levels had improved and she had reduced body fat.

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Electric drive is gentle for the body and the circulation

E-Bikes support, not drive by itself. The exchange of effort when Pedaling and discharge by the electric drive is particularly gentle on the joints and the Whole is adjustable to the own needs of control. Sports physicians assume that when an average load on the E-Bike is around 300 calories per hour are burned.

In order to get the circulation going and to get into the aerobic range, recommends the Heidelberg sports medicine Michael Lehmann, that the E-Bike rider always a bit out of breath, but never in mad stoffnot should come. "So cycle, without wheezing." In addition, the E-Bike is easy on the joints because on inclines the support of the motor and sitting at a constant speed to continue without Standing up in the pedals.