District administrator Sven-Georg Adenauer wants to present Tönnies the bill

The meat company, Tönnies will pay for the damage it has caused. The district of Gütersloh, Sven-Georg Adenauer said on Tuesday. How high is the damage sum is not excessive, but it is still open. O-TON, SVEN-GEORG ADENAUER, LANDRAT OF GUETERSLOH: “Mr Tönnies has declared that it is prepared to assume the costs for the testing. But the cover is going to be greater, it is to be assumed. After all, the company has set the cause for a lot of cost in the district of Gütersloh, and will be, eventually… Yes, and eventually this bill will be presented, at least what we had as a district administration costs, that is, of course. If the all is taken care of, I can’t tell now, this may be a legal dispute, a legal, but now is too early.” When the factory is open again, is not yet clear. First, the need to ensure that for the employees and the inhabitants of Gütersloh is no longer any danger existed. It was up to the company, to create the conditions for it. Because the hygiene requirements were not respected, had become infected in the battle, operating more than 1500 employees with the Corona Virus. Then, the authorities had ordered the closure of the abattoir and public life in the district of Gütersloh and Warendorf limited. On Monday, the higher administrative court of North Rhine, the restrictions no longer Westphalia overridden, because the validity for the whole of the circle was proportionate.