Depression: Causes, Symptoms, Help

Depression will always häsingle-stage diagnosed. Nevertheless, many Missverst&auml circulate as before;concessions üabout the disease – to the detriment of the patients

Depression is a serious disease and köcan be cured only by something holiday

Depression is considered as a widespread disease. According to the Robert Koch-Institute in Germany, 11.6 per cent of the Bevöpopulation affected once in their life. Nevertheless, many people know not good üabout the disease to know. How groß the Informationslücover, künewly, a survey of the German depression help shown. 

Accordingly, a F&uuml felt almost;nftel, Depressive würde it help zusammenzureißen. As many of the respondents were of the opinion that chocolate könne alleviate the Suffering, and nearly 80 percent believed that a holiday würde the Problem löSr., all of That is not true. No Diseased könne, together, emphasized the depression help.

Stress is überschätzt

"Depression is a serious Erkrankung", Professor Ulrich Hegerl, head of the clinic f&uuml says;r psychiatry and psychotherapy at the Universitätsklinikum Leipzig. A Bübundle of causes führt, you will have an outbreak. But darümany fail to circulate information.

So 95 percent of the respondents believe that Schicksalsschläge or Stress on the Job depression auslösen. So that wüwould stressful life events für the emergence of the disease überschätzt, says Hegerl. Biological reasons play at least as große role. However, many people don’t know that wäduring a Depression of metabolism in the brain gestört is, and that the risk für is inherited the disease. "You can also get in a lot of Stress, no Depression, if you hat&quot no predisposition to;, so Hegerl.

Because of the mental Suffering will always be stigmatized and taboo, many of those Affected no help. The world health organization expects that üabout the Hähalf of the severe depression will not be diagnosed as such. Professionals in Germany emphasize again and again that the majority of suicides in this country on an untreated Depression zurückzuführen.

Sadness and Emptiness üover several weeks

So when you should get help? When should Angehörige and friends sit up and take notice? The main symptoms of the disease gehört especially the Grundgefühl deep sadness and inner Emptiness. Who is at least 14 days üabout nothing or st&auml can look forward to;fully erschöpft fühlt, köcould suffer from depression.

"I persöphotography two weeks to find a bit kurz", Professor Tom Bschor, Director of the Department of f&uuml says;r psychiatry, Schlosspark-clinic, Berlin. Schließlich könne, for example, a period of mourning, sometimes läVikings take. "Hält of the state, but üabout four, six or eight weeks, the für something Sick." Then, one should consult the doctor – also other diseases auszuschließen. He überweist to a psychotherapist or psychiatrist.

Depressive köyou may also look at various symptoms of suffering

Depression has many faces. Some people suffer from self-doubt, Älongest or Schuldgefümiss. Other köcan’t concentrate, become aggressive and irritable. As a hästage signs are now Schlafstö. Typically, people with depression, bad sleep, and lie awake at night and are very früh on.

A secure diagnosis can be professional, in the end, only one. "Äolder people, I question whether you with good Gefümiss your grandson denken", Bschor, for example. "The Little ones are occupied, as a rule, positive." Depressive reports, but often that they are nothing more spüren, f&uuml cut off;miss, how betäubt, dull and numb. 

Severe Depression: delusions are möpossible

A special Auspräa severe Depression is the depressive delusions. To be concerned, stick to a unverrückbaren Üconviction, which is not true. Typical topics: I’m going to be impoverished, under the Brücke land. I owed a debt on me. I suffer from a terrible disease, Aids or cancer. "Even if all the medical examinations belegen&quot the opposite;, Bschor says.

One of his patients ließ the idea that you würde demnäfirst of all, naked and beschämt stand, hätte is not genügend dresses. "Because it also helps the gefüto zeigen&quot the wardrobe;, so Bschor. Further, a maximum of forms of depressive Stupor, the patient is paralyzed with fear, lying there. Or strong and drähad thoughts of suicide.

"Most of the depression are easy to mittelschwer", expert Bschor says. However, this Auspräaside köcan großen suffering cause. Many of the Affected müshot to everyone alltäaligned task bring, downright force. Get up, get dressed, hair styling – everything makes MüHey. "You are no longer able to üabout the plate edge of the Negative hinwegzusehen", Dr. Gabriele Schleuning, psychiatrist and Chef&auml says;rztin of the clinics of the district of upper Bavaria, including the MüMunich the atrium house, a psychia­booster emergency ambulance für crises.

Depression köcan disappear, but Rückfälle are möpossible

But how to get out of there? The good news is that depression köcan disappear, sometimes without therapy. However, it takes time. "On average, untreated Depression passes after a few weeks to several Monaten", so Schleuning. Around 40 percent of the people who got it once, &ndash it remains at this Time; at least in a period of füfive years after the disease, such as a große Swiss observational study from the 80s has shown. 

Conversely, this also means, however, In most patients it eventually comes to a Rückfall. Depression run in Schüben. On a Phase with no symptoms, a phase of the Disease can follow. Experts advise that once a Depression has been diagnosed, möpossible signs of a renewed thrust to ensure – and if necessary see a doctor.

Behavior therapy and antidepressants

Depression should always be treated, the früthe better. "Due to the high suffering pressure and stäcomplete hopelessness, the risk of suicide is a häsingle-stage companion to the Depression", expert Hegerl from the University hospital of Leipzig warns. The best evidence of efficacy, there is für cognitive behavioural therapy. You should Widerstandsfäability to train and strategies to cope with difficult situations better and to relax more. Tools köcan Yoga, Qigong, Achtsamkeitsüexercises and sports. 

In General, the treatment is based on two Säcolumns: psychotherapy and medications, so-called antidepressants. The funds intervene in the Brain metabolism and affect the concentration of certain second messengers. Contrary to widespread prejudices veräthe drugs do not change the Persöpersonality. But there can be side effects such as Schlafstöor reduced Libido.

Under Umstäin the first few weeks of taking the risk of suicide erhöht. Therefore, close supervision is just in the beginning phase is necessary.  "Sometimes you have to change also, if a Patient is a means not verträgt or is it not wirkt", psychiatrist Hegerl says. Some people antidepressants responded well and quickly, for others it takes several weeks to have an effect. For others, the drugs &uuml help;in General not.

A Depression has nothing to do with guilt or Schwäto do che

Especially in the case of severe depression, the means are an integral Therapie­­part. In mild forms Anti&shy be;depressants, according to the National Care guidelines, a guide für Ädoctors, not necessarily recommended. In moderate forms, you should be in addition to the psychotherapy offered. Here also St. John’s wort is a Möof urgency. "At moderate levels, it also depends on the patient an", erklärt expert Schleuning. Some people were große hope in drugs, other wüwould have rather distrust.

No matter, whether with antidepressants to treat lässt or without – a is ­­sure Depression has nothing to do with Schwäche, guilt, or even persöto do longing to return to failure. And chocolate doesn’t help here.

Maybe depressed? The köcan Angehöolds do:

Who is a partner, a Partner, siblings or parents suffer from depression, need a lot of Fingerspitzengefühl. And be patient. At the same time it is für Angehörige difficult to live with the disease of close Person and to make it clear that it’s ­a disease is. It brings nothing, zusammenzureißs or to travel. 

Meanwhile, there are a lot of offers für Angehörige, where you can find help and advice, or with other ­k&ouml exchange;can. Information about You can also contact the social psychiatric service or to the Federal Association of the Angehömembered mentally ill people.  

Are you also looking for the Gespräch with the patient – just when the Diseased self has not yet recognized what is going on with him. "You Fragen", expert Bschor says. For example: you’ve noticed that about you for some time bad? Möare you talking about? You Verächanges you noticed? Have you ever been to a Depres­sion thought?   

Values, the other is not, try to contact to keep. "You don’t say, I think you are, do something, otherwise I let fallen&quot you;, expert Schleuning says. Better wäre the offer of help in the foreground. To say for instance: You might have ­a Depression. The can be treated. You should go and investigate. 

Do not be afraid, on your own contact to the doctor, and inform you of the Diseased darüber. Just, if depressed people blame für search for your state, you will not consult a practice. Küyou for taking care of the patients, especially in crisis situations. You drive him around in the clinic or to the doctor. 

But it limits you also. You try to the threshold of their own resilience not to ücrossing. They also do something für.

You have the Gefühl, there is no way out of their Situation? 

For immediate assistance around the clock, anonymously, to get you on the telephone pastoral care: 08 00/&111thinsp;0 111 or 08 00/&111thinsp;0 222

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