Depression and anxiety as unhealthy as Smoking and Obesity?

A new study suggests that increased psychological problems and the risk for heart disease, high blood pressure and Arthritis to a similar degree, such as obesity and Smoking.

The health check unhealthy behavior such as Smoking or a high body weight in General. A question that might be equally important, is: "Are you depressed or do you suffer from feelings of anxiety?"

Scientists of the Department of psychiatry from the San Francisco VA Medical Center found that a strong Depression and anxiety increase the risk of heart disease by 65 percent, for stroke, 64 percent, for high blood pressure 50 percent, and Arthritis, and it is even 87 percent. "These increased risks are similar to those of the participants who smoke or are obese sind", study leader Dr Aoife O’Donovan said. "In the case of Arthritis, and strong States of anxiety and depression seem to cause even higher risks as Smoking and obesity." Also headaches, stomach discomfort, shortness of breath and back pain were associated with Stress, Depression and anxiety. To cancer, however, found no correlations with symptoms of Depression or anxiety.

For the study, data from four years were evaluated by 15.418 pensioners. 16 percent of the people were depressed or anxious, and 31 percent were obese and 14 percent of smokers.


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