“Children should not use playgrounds in the area”

MIRROR: In a nature reserve in Hamburg, the Boberg lowlands, was highly toxic Dioxin found in a concentration of the permitted limit value for the 700-Fold exceeds. You alarmed?

Escher: Yes, because Dioxin is always very questionable. The area must be decontaminated.

MIRROR: Only 150 meters away from the Four-acre Area, which the authorities blocked off, live people. How dangerous is it for you?

Escher: panic-mongering would be wrong. This is not to say, however, that one does not have to act. Because Dioxin is a carcinogen and if it lands once in the food chain, it is very difficult, it again out. I would go in the area for the time being, not fishing; fish could have the Dioxin are particularly strongly enriched.

MIRROR: Can parents safely your children play outside?

Escher: if you know, where the soil is contaminated, children should surrounding playgrounds is not in use. If you dig around there in the Sand and in the mouth push, you could record the Dioxin.

MIRROR: How far could the poison have spread?

Escher: The Good news is that Dioxin is hardly mobile. And it does not reach due to its material properties, in the air, what would be the spread of particularly dangerous, but is bound to earth. Under normal circumstances, it is not so far. Only if it attaches itself to other substances, including surfactants, and, therefore, it can be used in the rain water to be transported. Then dioxins would be able to penetrate into the soil and groundwater into the environment. It is, therefore, now appropriate to examine how the Contaminated sites there are to come, and how large the contaminated area is. Anyone who has a garden, has the right to know whether the soil is contaminated. This needs to be tested.

MIRROR: The Dioxin probably came originally from the early eighties, when the company Boehringer Ingelheim in a factory in Hamburg Moorfleet, the pesticide lindane was produced. Why is it only now is there?

Escher: Dioxin is very strong in the floors, it is hardly degraded. We now have to pay for the mortgage, in debt, a Generation in front of us. At the time, the Problem was not all aware of it, but Dioxin is highly toxic and, therefore, we must act now. It’s like the bombs are also ticking time bombs that we make harmless, as soon as we find them.

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