Chicken-eye removal: to get rid of the painful hardening and prevent your

Corns can get to anyone, they are formed especially on the toes and under the soles of the feet, if the area of skin over a long period will be exposed to pressure. In the first step, the Horny layer thickens initially, and it created a callus. If the pressure does not subside, you may develop a painful corn. Experts describe it as the “Clavus”. Here you will find tips on how you can remove a corn and how do you the formation of new calluses of the skin prevent.

What is a chickens eye?

A chicken’s eye often causes pain, if it is not treated. Affected Are feel it on the foot, especially when and Go. To see a roundish, wart-similar cornification, which is in the middle in General, are particularly sensitive to pain then. The area in the center is called a mandrel. Often the middle looks a bit translucent, so the appearance is reminiscent of a bird’s-eye — this is the Name of the chicken eye is derived. It also falls by its sublime shape and a yellowish, beige color of the cornea. When corns occur in between the toes space, often appear white, and are softer than other areas of the foot. This is due to the moisture that collects between the toes and the horn layer swell. Coarse eyes between the hard and the soft chicken distinguish. Hard corns usually develop on the smaller toes, where ill-fitting shoes, friction, and pressure to produce. The soft shape of corns forming on the other hand, between the toes.

How to remove a chicken’s eye?

It is important that you eliminate them prior to treatment is directly the cause of the chicken eye. The wrong shoes have exerted on the affected area of the skin for too long, pressure are usually. To allow a faster Healing and avoid a relapse. Also, you must not injure your skin, because often Affected with knives or other sharp objects to try to remove the chicken eye. It is absolutely not advisable, because the injured skin is always a possible entry for germs and bacteria. Generally speaking, you should corns a professional leave, because it is only in the case of corns in the early stages there are methods you can use to itself corns can remove. For diabetics and rheumatism patient, applies: people with sensitive or porous skin should consult with foot problems better the doctor. Depending on the type, depth and extent of the chicken eye, these recommendations therefore apply:

The waxy core in the center of the cornification is reminiscent of a chicken’s eye

A chicken eye remove

To treatment offer practical chicken eye plaster , which over several days can be worn can. You start with a warm foot bath to the area of the chicken eye a bit to soften up. Then, stick the chicken eye plaster to the affected part of the skin and allow it to, depending on the recommendation of the manufacturer — acting. After the treatment, a warm foot bath is followed again, in order to make the skin soft. Then, you can try to remove the chicken eye careful. If the skin is not yet soft enough, and the Removal of pain, repeat the treatment once more. Corns patch to be freely available in the pharmacy, the drugstore or on the Internet. The patches are impregnated with keratolytic agents, it is horn-dissolving agents, such as salicylic acid, of which the upper horn of the skin of the chicken eye soften.

Home remedies for corns

Home remedies apply in the application as a particularly simple and gentle. Important for all home remedies is that they cause something similar to chicken eye-patch, only in the case of small and flat corns.

What doctor can remove a corn?

Your corn should be advanced too far and the treatment with a corn-paving unsuccessful, you need to see a specialist for the removal of the chicken eye. This can be a skin doctor or a medical pedicure.

Three tips to corns to prevent

In order to prevent the emergence of corns, you should pay attention to the following three things:

Note: This article contains General information and cannot replace a visit to the doctor.

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