Caries without pain to treat?

Scientists from London have found a way to bring the cells in the Tooth to new dentine to restore and repair itself. In the "Journal of Dental Research" they report their experimental results and the potential application in the patient.

The Tooth consists of several layers, which can be damaged by tooth decay or injury: The outer enamel, the Dentin underneath and the pulp inside. The drug Tideglusib stimulates the production of dentine and can thus help ensure that the Tooth is repairing itself.

In human teeth, the researchers have shown that cavities fill by this treatment with Dentin. The newly formed Dentin has a similar composition to normal Dentin, and has a sufficient strength. You could ensure that the effects are limited to the immediate location of the damage, and no change in the tooth’s root cause. With this method, the dentine damage repair, which are up to ten times larger than small caries lesions.

Simple and kostengüother caries treatment

"In the last few years, we have shown that we can stimulate natural tooth repair by activation of resident dental stem cells. This approach is simple and cost-effective. The latest results show further evidence of the clinical applicability and the natural tooth repair bring us a further step näher", Professor Sharpe Paul Sharpe, Director of the centre for craniofacial and regenerative biology at King’s College London said. What time is the pain-free caries treatment at the dentist is available, but currently not to say.