Bones, teeth, blood, the Super-Mineral calcium for your health

Calcium is the second most sold vital substance preparations in Germany, according to Magnesium. Without the Mineral, the human body does not work. Experts advise, however, of taking the supplements. They are not only unnecessary, but could also have dire consequences.

Hardly a substance in the human body is as important as calcium. It is not only a fundamental component of bones and teeth, but also plays an important role in the clotting of blood and in each cell of the body. There it stabilizes the cell walls, supported in the cells, the signal delivery, and is authoritative to See to the forwarding of Stimuli in the nervous system – so when you Hear, or Perceive by touch is involved.

“Without calcium, no life”, summarizes Martin Rinio, a senior doctor in the joint clinic, Gundelfingen, the function of the substance to be concise.

About the expert

Martin Rinio is a senior orthopaedic surgeon and specialist in trauma surgery of the joint-clinic Gundelfingen. His treatment focus is on the hip joint, and endoprostheses.

Calcium supplements include to the Magnesium to be the most popular dietary supplements for the German. Many swallow the mineral, in the hope to strengthen your bones or prevent osteoporosis. In the process, which is often not even necessary: As the German society for nutrition (DGE) explains, you can save the money for the preparations in most cases. Because they can cover their need for calcium is very easily through a balanced diet.

In which foods contain calcium?

Also orthopedist Martin Rinio considers the effect of calcium-preparations for “overrated”, because “calcium is contained in many foods”. Especially calcium-rich milk products. Dairy and yogurt, for example, contain 120 milligrams per 100 grams, in the case of cheese there are even 400 to 900 milligrams.

But also, those that avoid animal products, can take about the food plenty of calcium: broccoli, Kale, and arugula, for example, contain more than 80 milligrams per 100 grams. Hazel and Brazil nuts contain more than 100 milligrams. In addition, there are numerous mineral water with a high calcium content.

How much calcium needed by the body?

The body excretes the day an average of 300 milligrams of calcium through urine, sweat or stool. A balanced diet can compensate for this loss. Since the body can only absorb a maximum of 40 percent of the food contained calcium, the recommended intake amounts per day is significantly higher.

The German society for nutrition recommends that an average adult takes 1000 milligrams of calcium per day. Contrary to some claims that Pregnant and Breastfeeding women need more calcium than other adults, the DGE will also give you an intake of 1000 milligrams. Young people between 13 and 19 years of age should take, however, 1200 milligrams of calcium per day, since your body is in growth.

Martin Rinio is recommended to make sure that from the age of about 50 years, particularly on the adequate supply of calcium. This applies equally for women as for men. Also, anyone who has ever had a spontaneous fracture or surgery to the bone, care should be taken to supply his body with sufficient calcium. The DGE recommends not to exceed a daily Maximum of 2000 milligrams.

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What are the consequences of too little calcium?

The body gets over a longer period of time, enough calcium, he uses his Depots. That is to say: He breaks down calcium from the bones and uses it for blood clotting.

This can in turn result in that the bone becomes unstable and it comes to a so-called softening of the bones. In adults, it is also called osteomalacia, and in children common Form of which is called rickets. The bones become soft and deformed.

How does calcium in the body?

With the pure calcium, the human body can do not much. Martin Rinio explains in an interview with FOCUS Online: “in order for the body calcium can build, he needs Vitamin D”. He adds: “The Northern hemisphere of the earth because of the lack of sunlight actually getting a Vitamin D deficiency.”

According to the DGE phosphorus also plays an important role for a good calcium-to-use. In this case, the ratio of phosphorus and calcium should be balanced in the diet as much as possible, because our body tries to keep the ratio of the two substances in balance. You take too much phosphorus, increases the risk of the body’s calcium reserves in the bone to attack. The DGE warns that modern eating habits – a lot of meat and sausage, finished products, and soft drinks – this balance threaten.

Can you overdose on calcium and what are the consequences?

Who is going to cover his calcium needs just about the food, don’t have to worry about an Oversupply. Because the contained in the food substances regulate each other, so that there can be no Oversupply.

It is different, however, when taking calcium supplements: they can cause the calcium level rises in the blood so strong that the body has to excrete the excess mineral is increased in the urine. “This can lead to the formation of kidney stones, and calcification of the arteries,” explains Martin Rinio. According to the DGE, the body can absorb, if it is oversupplied with calcium, less iron, zinc and Magnesium, which can, in turn, in a shortage of these very important minerals.

Since calcium preparations is often taken in combination with Vitamin D, there is the risk that the level of Vitamin D is increased. If both minerals are in high concentration present in the body, threatens the so-called hypercalcaemia. Its consequences are loss of appetite, loss of consciousness and even coma.

Those who are afraid he could suffer from a lack of calcium, you should eating habits, therefore its. The Council of the DGE. Martin Rinio also recommends: “The bone needs mechanical activity to stay fit”. Therefore, the activity is sufficient, the best option for the bone. The best in the fresh air, where the body supplied with the necessary Vitamin D is. Before you resort to calcium supplements, you should speak to your doctor.