Black ice: With this simple method, you can avoid the bad Poklatscher

The least find ice so cozy like this fellow here.

On the contrary, If it will be with us on the road and sidewalks slippery, caution is indicated.

Orthopedists and trauma surgeons warn against nasty Falls.

There is a simple Trick to reduce at least the risk of Poklatschers: the penguin Gang.

Align the body’s center of gravity over the front, so occurring of leg. Occur with the whole foot. The slightly forward tilted posture allows for more stability.


You Are Looking For. Hook or grasp the railing.

Wear shoes with profile

Spikes also make normal shoes fit for winter.

You prefer to let the bike stand

If you feel insecure: you take no risk. You have to stay home.

Because even the most egregious professionals a defeat threatens from time to time.