Be Covid-19 continue to wear in the year 2021 – Why is Corona survives the summer well

You don’t see in the Video, why a chief doctor for infectious diseases, believes that the summer ends, the Corona pandemic.

The Coronavirus infections could be eased, according to the medical view through the summer. The stronger sunlight could push the Virus back a bit, said Clemens Wendtner, chief physician of the clinic for infectious diseases in Munich, clinic Schwabing. He warns, in addition:

“We must not fall into the Illusion that we will achieve the higher temperatures, the Disappearance of the Virus. The effect in summer is caused by the fact that the UV-radiation is stronger, and viruses through UV light to kill.”

The Virus will disappear, but not quite. Also the loosening of the output constraints could cause the infection numbers rise again. Therefore, it is necessary to remain vigilant and cautious, he says.

Season Wendtner is expecting, due in any case to a further shaft about starting in October, primarily because of the time probably not vaccination. “We will carry Covid-19 in the year 2021,” says the expert.

The spokeswoman for the Robert Koch-Institute, Susanne Glasmacher, spoke of a “certain effect” of the summer, but the lack of basic immunity in the population is a great advantage for the Virus, it will spread further.