At the very rear of what is still growing

The backbenchers: the Right of the picture of the wisdom tooth is waiting for his breakthrough

We have 32 teeth: 16 on top, 16 bottom, and on each side 8. At the very back of the wisdom tooth grows at the eighth place. Therefore, the dentist speaks of the “Eighth”. Most people have four wisdom teeth to grow. Others get none, and some only two, in rare cases, develop even eight.

Often, the wisdom teeth remain in the jaw get stuck, they break, and are not, therefore, see to. Experts estimate that 80 percent of young adults in the case. However, it may be, that the Aft will grow into them quite late on in the oral cavity. About of 16. by the age of 40. The age of can arise with wisdom teeth.

A relic of the ancestors

Wisdom teeth often make Trouble, because you run out of space in the jaw is missing. It has something to do with the development of human history. Millions of years ago, the face of our ancestors in a different way: The mouth region more than it is today, the upper and lower jaw were longer. In this mouth, all the 32 teeth to fit in well. In the course of time shortened the human jaw, but the amount of teeth remained the same. Because the wisdom tooth grows as the last, will not find it often enough. Then he wedged at the end of the jaw or breaks down only partially.

Complaints arise,

Your name, the wisdom teeth thanks by the way, the fact that they are so late to the break. In earlier times, age with wisdom.


If you are Swallowing or Speaking hurts, or if the jaw hurts, it could be a wisdom tooth is the cause of the problem. You may have to clamp a jaw:then you can’t open your mouth wide. Similarly, it may happen that you feel the entire face or all teeth are in pain. A wisdom tooth that grows only with difficulty in the oral cavity, can ignite. You recognize the skin the reddened and swollen lining of the mouth. You notice such signs, you should go to the dentist.

Let your wisdom tooth more rumblings, can worsen the case. An inflamed Tooth can lead to severe abscesses. The wisdom tooth is putting pressure on the nearest cheek teeth, pressure builds up in the jaw, which can damage the healthy roots of adjacent teeth, sometimes the roots are dissolving even, and the corresponding teeth fall out.

Jaw fracture, and tooth decay can follow the wisdom tooth

In the tissue surrounding the wisdom tooth, cysts arise. You can hollow out the jaw bone and make it unstable. Then you run the risk of breaking for trivial reasons to the jaw. In rare cases, may be caused to the crown of the wisdom tooth tumors.

Less dramatic, but still unnecessary: dental caries. If the wisdom tooth grows at an angle to its neighbours, the result is niches that you can reach with the toothbrush and the tooth space brush. Food debris and bacteria can accumulate there, the teeth begin to rot. The same Problem arises when the wisdom tooth breaks off incomplete, if his crown is sticking out like a flat island in the mouth mucosa. Then there where the skin and the Teeth meet, easily periodontal pockets arise, in which caries pathogens to collect.


To be able to give you the proper treatment to propose, you must know the dentist of your complaints: He will want to your teeth, your mouth and your jaw investigate, and an x-ray image made.

Because the x-Ray, the Doctor can see what is going on underground: if the wisdom tooth is, for example, transverse to the jaw, how much space he has in the bone or whether it can cause damage to other teeth roots.


Healthy teeth should remain in the mouth. This also applies to wisdom teeth. You do not need to be pulled, if you can fit in the existing row of teeth. Keep you should have your wisdom teeth, even if you can replace the lost teeth.

The wisdom makes dental but Trouble, suggest to your doctor to pull him. Whether this is useful or not depends on many factors. You should discuss with your doctor the pros and Cons. Because each Operation – also in the pine – poses a risk.

You should have your wisdom teeth removed if

Draw: in the dentist’s chair or hospital bed?

In some situations, a wisdom can disturb the tooth, for example, if parts of your jaw bone to shrink and you should get an artificial set of Teeth. Because the prosthesis amplifies the process may be, could be the beginning of a hitherto concealed wisdom tooth break through and the prosthesis to rot. In this case, it may be useful to pull the Tooth before.

Wisdom teeth removed, your dentist usually. Only if the Malefactors are very deep or complicated, must take an oral surgeon work. If you suffer from any other serious illness, you should go for the surgery in a clinic. Of your wisdom tooth and your other body condition depends on whether or not you will be given a local anaesthetic or a General anaesthetic. You may want to have a sedative – all of this you should discuss with your doctor before.

Possible Complications

You have your wisdom tooth pulled, you need to anticipate risks and complications:

Expert advice

stern.deexpert, Professor Nils-Claudius Gellrich of the Hannover Medical school (MHH) answered your questions.

Why are wisdom teeth so late?

The change of teeth is a slow process. The wisdom teeth are no longer breaking as the last, and only then, when the skull and jaw bones to grow. That we are of a certain age no longer greater, it does not mean that our jaw bone to be grown. This time is different from person to person and lies somewhere between the 16. 40. Years of age. Only then will the wisdom teeth to break through – provided you have enough space.

Some people have teeth eight wisdom, others never get it. What is the reason?

Normally four wisdom teeth, but I have seen people in each half of the jaw ten teeth – for a total of eight wisdom teeth – had. This is unusual, but not pathological. For these people, a feature is pronounced, we have lost in the course of Evolution, actually. We live and feed ourselves differently today than our ancestors. The human body has adapted to the development that he has, so to speak, cleaned out his tool box: What is no longer needed, is also formed. Think of your hair. More or less dense head of hair is all that is left to us from the fur of our ancestors. This also explains why in some people no wisdom teeth more are created.

Wisdom teeth are different from the rest of the teeth?

No, wisdom teeth are stable, full-fledged molar teeth and in the same manner as the other grinding teeth are. With their strong roots, wisdom teeth are even strong and valuable pillars in the Dentition. If there is enough space in the jaw, you should receive, therefore, as far as possible and carefully maintain. This means thoroughly brushing your teeth because the back teeth cannot be reached with of the toothbrush quite easily.

My dentist wants me to pull wisdom teeth, although I have no problems with it. She says it would be better that way. What do you mean?

This is not a question I can answer in a lump sum. To be able to give you some advice, I would have to examine your Teeth and an x-ray image. For whether wisdom teeth should be pulled or not depends on whether enough space in the jaw. It is also important that the teeth in the upper and lower jaws to each other that you can use your wisdom teeth properly. It can also be useful to pull the wisdom teeth if you have previously worn braces and the space is utilized in your jaw is ideal. The erupting wisdom teeth could jeopardize the outcome of the orthodontic treatment.

I had braces as a child, a tooth. Now I am 32 and my teeth are tight and angular. The wisdom teeth are to blame?

Our teeth have the tendency to wander in the course of our lives, typically to the front, in the middle of the tooth row. With the wisdom teeth have nothing to do. Older people who wear a prosthesis, teeth, for example, is often not wisdom. Nevertheless, you do not know, if you are not wearing the prosthesis for a few days, it will fit, because the teeth to which it is attached, are in place.