As the place of residence influenced the weight

Who lives in the vicinity of a fast food or on the way to work past it comes, has a higher risk for Obesity. The a recent study among commuters, published in the journal Plos One shows.

The analyses showed that the more Fast Food Restaurants were associated in the vicinity of the commuter routes with a higher Body Mass Index (BMI). Also, a greater number of supermarkets, grocery stores and fast food Restaurants in the vicinity of the place of residence with Übergwicht in connection. In the case of food shops or Restaurants in the vicinity of workplaces is no connection to the BMI, however, showed.

"In our daily life, we have different healthy and unhealthy food options, which have an impact on the BMI. A variety of Fast-Food Restaurants along our Route offers plenty of opportunities for a quick, cheap and unhealthy meal, the to a higher BMI führt", summarizes Prof. Adriana Dornelles from Arizona State University, the results of the study.

Dornelles had analyzed data from 710 employees in elementary schools in New Orleans, Louisiana. You put the data in relationship to the number of supermarkets, grocery stores, Restaurants, and fast food Restaurants within a half-Mile from the residence and workplace of the people, as well as on your journey to work.