As strong depression are a burden on the members

Every fourth person in Germany has friends or family members suffering from Depression. The disease burdened, often, the members of strong, and often leads to separations, such as from a survey conducted by the Foundation German depression aid. Three-quarters of the members have, therefore, feelings of guilt and a third of it is a lack of information about the disease and its consequences.

Such gaps in knowledge are often the reason for a lack of understanding to Concerned. “Who does not know what a Depression is, is to classify the withdrawal and the lack of care of the ill partner is wrong,” says Ulrich Hegerl, President of the Foundation German depression aid. “It is no unkindness or ill-will, but signs of the disease.”

For the second “Germany-Barometer Depression”, developed in cooperation with the Deutsche Bahn Foundation, were interviewed 5000 citizens between 18 and 69 years of age, including people with a diagnosed Depression.

Many Sufferers feel no attachment more

84 percent of those Affected reported having during their disease from social relations withdrawn. Causes of disease-related changes, such as fatigue, the feeling to be a burden, conflict avoidance, and feelings of guilt. Almost three-quarters (72 percent) reported that they were able to feel during the disease, no attachment to people.

Members could this behavior be typical of the disease, more easily than rejection, misunderstanding, said Hegerl. The consequences are far-reaching: half of The patients reported of an impact on the partnership – at 45 per cent, of it came to the separation.

“The high number of separations shows what a profound Depression illness,” says Hegerl. To Depression people who are ill lose the drive, your interest, and felt inwardly dead, without attachment to other people or their environment. “You pull back and see the whole of everyday life as a black glasses.” Depression is conflict, therefore, is often the cause and not the result of the Partnership.

Affected individuals report in retrospect, but also of positive experiences. Thus, 36 per cent indicate that the Depression has deepened the relationship with the Partner even and consolidated.

Wrong Sense Of Responsibility

For many families dealing with the disease is very difficult. 73 percent will develop feelings of guilt towards your Partner and feel for his illness and recovery responsible. Almost one-third of members (30 percent), to feel bad about the Depression informed. The experts, therefore, great need of enlightenment.

Conversely, a large majority of the Patients stated that they felt their partners and accusations that you have received (84 per cent). Similar to many described a deterioration in their relationship with the Partner, for example, in conflict unloaded (83 percent).

In Germany, around 5.3 million people between the ages of 18 and 79 years are diagnosed annually in a requiring treatment for Depression. The disease is one of the most common mental Suffering in Germany. Women develop the disease, two to three times as often as men. Also children and the elderly can be affected.

The previous study last year had revealed huge knowledge gaps in the population. Not a few people even believe that chocolate or a vacation to help against the disease.