A Teenager is to Influencerin – your congenital malformation does not want to hide

Nikki Lilly Cristou has no reason to hide. The 15-year-old British woman suffers from Arteriovenous Malformation. In the rare malformation of the blood in the arteries are vessels connected directly with the veins; the normally intervening capillaries are missing in the case of Nikki. With her disease, Nikki is open about. On YouTube your followers will be pleased to answer. At the age of 6 years, the life-threatening disease was diagnosed at Nikki. Over 40 surgeries the Teenager had to already endure. Initially, it was Nikki’s hard to show themselves in public. However, thanks to social networks, the British realized that Hiding is the solution. With over 1 million YouTube subscribers and 240,000 followers on Instagram has gemaustert Nikki to the successful Influencerin. The Briton is also a sought-after presenter. Since 2018, it moderated for CBBC, the children’s channel of the BBC, the Show Nikki Lilly Meets… For you interviewed already head of the Labour party, Jeremy Corbyn. For the Show, the British would be awarded with the BAFTA Award – as the youngest winner since the beginning of the award ceremony. Nikki is a great role model for young people who do not conform to the popular ideal of beauty. Despite the Deformation, the British never tried to change. As a reason, the 15-Year-old told the BBC: “Everyone is different and unique. We would live in a world in which everyone look the same, the same behaviors and the same things would like, that would be a really boring world.“ And nothing is truly add.