“A normal, everyday thing”

The threshold of the house doctor, the AIDS-help or the health Department on the Aids virus HIV test for many people is large. For a year, in Germany there is an Alternative: HIV self-tests that are available in drugstores and pharmacies available for free. “Roughly about 30,000 have been made, as estimated in this period, self-tests,” says the press spokesperson of the German AIDS help, Holger Wicht. “This is a really good message.”

“The Tests should be a normal and everyday thing,” says guy. You would definitely be a relief; either because the Worries were unjustified, or because, as early as possible against the infection can be done. “He who waits out of fear for too long,” says guy, “is what makes things so difficult as feared”. With HIV one can live very well now, if the infection will early treated: “Twelve weeks after the last possible Transmission of the Test can exclude a HIV-infection, reliable.”

For the 20 to 25 Euro fare, the self-test they stick a needle in the Finger. The drops of blood you get in a tube or a groove in the plastic surface of the test kit, and add a solution. After 15 to 30 minutes, the result can be read.

Other sexually transmitted diseases, do not forget to

Norbert Brockmeyer from the society for the promotion of Sexual health in Bochum evaluated the introduction of the over-the-counter self-test as very positive: “in the Beginning, it took some time until the introduction around had spoken, but now the Tests are on the way to be well accepted.” However, the Test is only the first step. “On a positive Test must always be a medical consultation,” says Brockmeyer. He warned not to neglect the risks of other sexually transmitted infections, such as chlamydia and Syphilis.