10 Signs It’s Time To Define Your Relationship

The dating world is a fickle beast: try to make things official too early and you’ll come off as desperate, wait too long and you’ll inevitably miss the defining-the-relationship boat.

Unfortunately, there’s no magic formula that determines when you and bae should have The Talk. Every couple is different, and what works for some won’t always float for others. True as that may be, however, sex toy brand EdenFantasys conducted a survey to establish a few tell-tale signs it’s long overdue:

Of the 2,000 people surveyed, 73 per cent had locked lips, 60 per cent had slept together and 50 per cent had dropped the L-bomb before they were exclusive. On the other hand, four in ten took it too slow and their prospective partner hooked up with someone else.

“Forget about ‘three date rules’ or timeframes for commitment dictated by society and just do what you feel is right for you,” Annabelle Knight, sex and relationship expert at Lonehoney told Metro UK. “The hope is that you will naturally evolve into this situation. You like each other so much you both want to tell your friends and family that you are an item. That is one if the nicest early stages of falling in love.”

“If there is some awkwardness about making that announcement – perhaps changing your status on Facebook or using the words ‘boyfriend’ or ‘girlfriend’ around other people – that would ring a few alarm bells with me because it is a sign that you are not communicating well as you should and that you’re probably not on the same page,” she adds.

Her advice for eliminating the awks? Take these four simple steps: 1. Do it in person. 2. Keep the convo comfortable, open and honest. 3. Go into it with an idea of what you want, and 4. Set your own time frame.

Easy as pie.

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