10.999 or 12.327 Covid-19-cases? 20 or 28 Dead? As the Numbers comes from the confusion

Numbers give orientation. How strong Covid-19-cases to rise in consequence of Coronavirus infection in Germany? How many people have died? How many tested positive? All of this is not only for virologists and decision-makers is important, but is also interested in the people in the country.

Confusion Coronavirus Numbers

But Numbers can also confuse and unsettle. For example, if there are from different sources, different Numbers to the same thing. As in the current Sars-CoV-2-crisis. The Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the world health organization, the health authorities of the countries and the US-American John Hopkins University, regularly publish statistics on the spread of Covid-19 in Germany and to wait again and again with different Numbers. What are the differences? How are the Numbers?


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The RKI is the Central disease protection authority in Germany and advises the German Federal government in all matters relating to the spread of Sars-CoV-2. His statistics therefore have special weight. After it was since the beginning of the crisis for a long time at the RKI itself, different Figures due to different reporting procedures, it has not changed, the authority is now fully in the electronic collection of cases, so the data are now consistent.

The reporting channel for the Numbers is specified exactly: “In Germany, around 400 health boards to submit at least once a day (in the current situation even more frequently) pseudonymised data to be confirmed Covid-19-cases, on the basis of the German infection protection act electronically to the States. Who in turn deliver the data to the Covid-19-cases electronically to the RKI,” according to the authority. Once a day, usually in the morning, published by the RKI to its current Numbers in the Internet as well as in a location report, as of midnight. The world health organization takes on the Numbers in the RKI each a day later for their worldwide situation report.

The RKI declared that its statistical nature, can show a Real time progress: “Between the known Case, the notification to the health Department, the input of the data into the Software, the Transmission to the competent land authority and from there to the RKI, a certain amount of time.” This could be for up to three days, is currently in rule but shorter. “Due to the reporting delay between the known cases and the Transmission to the RKI, there can be variations to the example of the States of currently published Figures.”

An Example: On 19. March at 10 a.m. published in the RKI online for the Federal state of lower Saxony 669 Covid-19-cases. The Ministry of health of the country itself, which gets its Figures from the health offices in the districts and circle-free cities, reported, however, this time of 740 cases. These are only a couple of days input in the statistics of the RKI.

Another claim to your Numbers, the John Hopkins University in Baltimore. It is a worldwide leading role in the fields of medicine and health Sciences and wants to deliver the Numbers of Diseased, deceased and Recovering for the whole world almost in real-time. The map of the University is, therefore, for many citizens, journalists and politicians is also a key information tool. However, the Figures differ significantly from those of the RKI, as the sample of 19. March, 10 at shows. For Germany, the University of 12.327 reported confirmed Covid-19 cases (RKI: 10.999), 28 Fatalities (RKI: 20) and 105 Convalescent (RKI: no indication).

Numbers and cards

The Coronavirus spreads – in Germany and around the world

Why is white more than 6000 kilometres away, seemingly more than the Central health authority in Berlin? The researchers at the John Hopkins University can tap in to multiple sources, as you explain in a detailed FAQ that “among the data sources, the world health organization, the U.S. centers for disease control and prevention, the European centre for the prevention and control of diseases National health Commission of the people’s Republic of China”, the University of. In addition, the data values of one of the world’s largest Online Community for Physicians, pharmacists and health professionals as well as local media reports.

So, if a German local newspaper reported on the effects of a Coronavirus infection Deceased in their area of distribution, this can be included after verification by the scientists rapidly in the representation of the University, but only later in the statistics of the RKI input.

This Form of the survey means that the Figures of John Hopkins University and the official data of the German authorities to deviate from each other. Who deals with the Figures for the Coronavirus, should, therefore, always be the source of the data, and your standing in front of the eyes and the fact that the number of unreported cases is Infected, according to the experts anyway much higher.

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Sources: Robert Koch Institute, John Hopkins University (1), John Hopkins University (2), World Health Organization, The State Of Lower Saxony

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