To identify the edge of mental disorder proposed new

Russian scientists from the Penza state University proposed a new way to diagnose mental disorders. According to their data, the performance of the heart and brain, as well as the speech of the patient enable efficient detection of a boundary mental state.

To diagnose borderline mental condition is not easy. These mental disorders are characterized by fluctuations between normality and pathology, the symptoms of disorders so ambiguous that the very sick and the family doesn’t understand that you need to go to the doctors. In turn, without taking therapeutic measures of mental disorder tend to progress.

Russian experts have established that certain changes pressure, heart rate, brain rhythms, and the speed and tone of speech can be a marker of borderline mental disorders, which allows to identify them with sufficient accuracy.

“Method of detection signs border States of the psyche with the help of the registrars of the heart, brain and speech of the patient allows a more accurate way to diagnose mild mental disorders, and is already used in medical institutions of Penza,” – said the developers of the technology.
In the study, they analyzed the results of electrocardiograms, encephalogram and speech patients, which were applied modern mathematical methods of digital signal processing. Created on the basis of the received information program, researchers hope can form the basis of a system that can predict the onset of critical conditions in patients with mental health disorders.

Development of accurate methods for the detection of border mental disorders is needed, primarily for military personnel, teachers, drivers, operators of dangerous objects and people of other professions associated with stress, experts said.

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