The vaccine “Encevir Neo” was banned following a deterioration in schoolchildren

Children in Prikam after use of the drug “Encevir Neo” Tomsk production company “Microgen”, used for vaccination of schoolchildren against tick-borne encephalitis, there was a massive deterioration of health. 200 pupils from vaccinated vaccine 2,1 thousand felt bad. By checking “Encevir Neo”, the health Ministry has banned the use of vaccines across the country.

As reported, all samples vaccines “, Encevir Neo” series T101 production Tomsk JSC “NPO “Microgen” removed for examination and till the end of the use of the drug is prohibited throughout the country. Verification of the drug is 40 days.

Vaccination “Antiviral Neo” was held in 16 institutions of Perm region. In October 20 first graders Perm school № 7 after receiving the vaccine showed symptoms of a significant deterioration in well – being among students was having severe headaches and weakness and high fever (40 degrees). In addition the incident was recorded 190 cases in other schools of the region, where he used the vaccine “Encevir Neo” – all with similar symptoms.

Adverse reactions to the vaccine are allowed, but they must not exceed 4% of cases. In fact, their intensity of pupils of Prikamye was exceeded twice. The circumstances of the incident are now being investigated. The local health Ministry said that a long-standing cooperation with the Tomsk manufacturer, and the complaints of his products did not cause. Other vaccines are also working normally, claims are only to the drug particular series.

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