The pulse in her neck predict dementia

Takes only 5 minutes of scanning the neck can help to predict dementia for 10 years before you have any symptoms. To such conclusion scientists from University College London.

Five-minute scan of the neck may help to predict dementia for 10 years before you have any symptoms. We are talking about measuring the pulse of the neck area, on the basis of which to predict the extent of brain damage. These injuries cause problems with memory and thinking in old age. A British study involving 3,000 people showed that having the most intense pulse in the neck people are 50% more likely faced with a sharp deterioration in cognitive performance in the next 10 years.

If the results of this experiment will be repeated during the larger observation with the participation of more people, the scanning of the neck can become a routine test through which doctors will determine, in middle age the risk of dementia. This test is effective because the human being, that is, the passage of blood through the arteries due to the cutting movements of the heart,mitigates the healthy elastic blood vessels that do not give the pulse becomes too powerful and hard. However, in the elderly and victims of high blood pressure vessels become more rigid and less flexible, causing the pulse is very well detectable.

Intense pulse has a destructive impact on the blood vessels supplying the brain that gives rise to later mental disorders, senile dementia, and very dangerous internal bleeding or strokes. British researchers have proven that pulse is a great way prediction similar problems, hence, people can take precautionary measures. (READ MORE)