The intestines can produce blood cells

In the human body is the only one who produces new blood cells is the bone marrow – so it was believed up to the present day. Now scientists prove that the gut also has the ability to produce blood cells – about the study that showed this, said Cell Stem Cell.

The authors of the project, experts from the Columbia center for translational immunology, for five years, followed by 21 patient, who underwent transplantation of intestine. Some time ago it was discovered that patients after such an operation starts producing its own blood cells, neighboring cells of the donor. This time, scientists were able to see how the donor cells first began to emerge in the small intestine, liver and lymph nodes, but over time was replaced by its own blood cells of patients.

Transplantation of the intestine has a high failure rate – nearly half in the first five years. But the scientists observed the process of production of blood cells by the intestines, in their opinion, is associated with immune mechanism, which allows the body and the donor authority “to negotiate a Commonwealth.”

“There is a immune cross-dialogue between the two sets of red blood cells, which protects the graft from the immune system of the patient and the patient from transplantation,” said in this regard, the head of the research group Megan Sykes.
It is not clear to what extent capable of producing blood cells bowel tissue. Scientists – up to 10% of the total volume of blood in the body. Their discovery can bring tangible benefits for future transplants.

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