The human brain is faster hears angry voices than good

Research has shown that our brain reacts more quickly to an angry voice than good. Possible, this phenomenon has an evolutionary origin.

If you want to convey to people some information very quickly, use the anger in her voice. Scientists from the University of Geneva in Switzerland found that people hear of aggressive or threatening voices much faster than those that sound normal or happy. Our attention is more focused on the threats in his voice that we soon recognize, where exactly is the source of this threat and acted on it.

According to scientists, all this is purely evolutionary in origin. The brain controls the resources, and when we feel danger, these same resources allow you to quickly change the behavior necessary for our survival. Vision and hearing – two feelings that allow people to recognize threatening situations. Although vision is of critical importance, it gives us the opportunity to see the surrounding environment 360 degrees, because the back of the head no eyes. That’s when the support hearing. That is why people focus on the tone of voice that can be heard around him. And if these votes are whisked anger or aggression, we are much faster to react to them.

These findings were made in experiments with participation of volunteers, who were given 22 to listen to a short recording of the human voice with a duration of only 600 milliseconds, which contained a neutral tone, expressed anger or joy. The experiment involved 35 people, while the EEG measured the electrical activity of their brain at every millisecond. It turned out that the brain of these people are much more quick to respond to a threatening tone than a neutral or happy. (READ MORE)