The effects of stroke can become a dementia

The development of dementia can occur as a complication after suffering a stroke person, reported by scientists of the Institute of higher nervous activity and neurophysiology (Undip) of the Russian Academy of Sciences. According to academic experts, stroke, and severe head injury, can have effects even at a favorable outcome.

The scientists stated: complications after stroke and traumatic brain injuries lead to dementia and depression. Dementia is dementia with loss of previously obtained knowledge and skills.

“Even with a favorable outcome, people who have suffered a stroke or has suffered a severe head trauma, expected long-term effects. If the patient is cured, he can still develop depression or dementia,” – said the researchers.
In essence, the fact that dementia and depression can occur in the form of consequences of stroke or traumatic brain injury, science has been known before. But the mechanism of their development still remained unclear. The authors believe that the cause of these pathologies may be inflammatory processes in the hippocampus.

After stroke and trauma, according to them, is a place of active production of the hormone cortisol in response to stress. Cortisol can accumulate in the hippocampus, causing a release of molecules of inflammation cytokines, as a result of disrupted the structure and functioning of the hippocampus. Since this area of the brain responsible for learning and to a large extent for the emotions, a violation of it, developing as a consequence of stroke or injury, ultimately find visual expression in the form of symptoms of dementia and depression.

Atua, the hypothesis of Russian scientists is unique. To confirm it will be a series of experiments.

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