The cold helps prolong life

Researchers from the Marine biological laboratory (USA) came to the conclusion that the cold helps prolong life. Scientists have found that low temperatures affect specific genes that block frost-susceptible proteins. In this case, and there is an effect of longevity.

The authors of the study encouraged to look for known in biology the phenomenon: some invertebrate animals die later, fellows, if you live in the cold. has long been known that the temperature of the environment and body affect life expectancy. For example, some animals die later, fellows, if you live in the cold. Scientists have conducted experiments on 11 species of rotifers, having aimed to determine whether the cold helps prolong life.

The experiments confirmed that “holodtsova” theory of longevity is partially correct. The researchers found that under the influence of cold temperatures included genes encoding in the body of rotifers the protein TRPA1, which they died later ones are not subjected to the test of cold. But the most significant effect of the increase in life expectancy gave a complex of a low-carb diet combined with cold habitat.

“At low temperatures slows down the metabolism. It also contributes to the fact that the body’s cells are damaged less,” the scientists have not yet say, but admit that the effect of prolonging life in the cold associated with this.
Research in this direction will continue.

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